Monday, April 23, 2007


first off, i don't know what the deal is with my blogger account on my computer at home, but it won't let me login. weird.

anyway...i'm sick as a dog and this day officially sucks. i should have just called in and stayed home and slept all day. i did that yesterday, but apparently it wasn't enough.

in case ya'll were wondering, i ended up posting that little rant i had listed below on my myspace blog because of course i couldn't log in here to post it.

i have so much medicine pumping through my veins i feel like i'm in a cloud.

moving along to something positive because re-reading what i just wrote, i sound like i'm in a LOVELY mood. LOL. i've been seeing someone for about a month now and he is amazing! yes, he's a real person...not an animal or anything of the sort. :-p depending on how far in depth i get into the blogger world again, i may end up having to re-adjust my cast of characters adding him. one that has vanished is "the roomie", but we will get into that at a later date. back to subject at hand....i will call him horizon as to stick with my code names to not cause any issues. he's beautiful, he's 29, he's divorced and has 3 kids. we are quite the brady bunch couple when we are all's very amusing. i was a little hesitant about adding 3 extra kiddos into my life, but i gotta tell you, it's been wonderful. i instantly took to them and they've instantly taken to me...not to mention the ladybug adores them as well. i can't say that i have actually been this happy and content in a things are still very new of course, but things come so easy and so naturally for us. we are both givers in the relationship which creates a beautiful connection between us. i've ALWAYS been a giver in my relationships and never once have i experienced this. horizon gives me just as much as i give him. it's taken a bit to get used to this, but i highly recommend it. :-p so needless to say, i have been on cloud 9 lately and i fully intend on staying that way. and dammit, it's about time - i know i deserve this after so many defunct relationships i have had in the past. it's such an amazing feeling to know that someone cares for you as much as you care for them.

alright i'm done....gonna go back to attempting to stay awake sitting at my desk. zzzzzzzz. hopefully no one ends up reading this because i know my words sound goofy as hell.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

this is gonna be a doozy

ok folks....i have run across a subject that i will heavily be venting upon when i get home tonight. don't have time to delve into this because i'm crazy busy at work, but if you are out there waiting for an update, look for a rant to be posted this evening....

i was listening to the radio this morning on my long commute to drop the ladybug off at school and the subject was brought up if it is ok in "women law" to fend off sex when your husband isn't doing his part to keep the house i opinion on this is gonna stay tuned.

and another thing along this same line is this new carrie underwood song that i have heard recently on the radio called "before he cheats".

oh readers are in for an earfull (or eyefull to be precise)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

it's been a while

hello to the blogger void!

i haven't posted in ages, but i think i'm going to be coming back with a bang...maybe. don't quote me on that.

much has happened since the last post, but i won't bore you with the details on that. a lot of ups and downs...many downs....but things have been looking WAY up recently, so that's very positive.

for now, i'll leave you with this to do a little summing up of the past several months....