Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

i would like to take a moment to put the spotlight on this young man! ....philippe cousteau jr is an absolute inspiration. he's come into the spotlight as of late with the oil spill. yes, he is the grandson of jacques cousteau. and look at him, he's pretty easy on the eyes to boot.

he's been on media shows recently speaking about the oil spill and offering his expertise and opinion on the matter. he is the CEO of earthecho international, a non-profit organization whos mission is to empower youth to take action that restores and protects our water planet. he is the chief ocean correspondent for animal planet and also for planet green channel.

what an inspiration he is and his work is dignifying.

so a handsome environmentalist. what more could you ask for? :p

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Can A President Be An Angry Black Man?"

Can A President Be An Angry Black Man?

please read and open for discussion.

firstly, this article is interesting and has some good points. however, i am getting a little irritated with all of the media's hype about the emotion / lack of emotion coming from our president. a lot of my respect and likeness for my president is that he is a calm and collective human being. black, white, green, orange...i don't give a flying frack. this is a sign of strength and intelligence in my opinion. it is not in his nature to be an angry person or a hot-head. didn't we all know this by now? george w. bush was a hot-head and flew off the handle every time we turned around. not to mention the fact that he is not very smart....someone like that is not someone who i want running our country. i want someone who is calm, collective and takes time to make a well thought-out educated decision on matters especially concerning the affect on my country. john mccain was george w. bush hot-head junior. he made that painfully obvious throughout all of the debates that mccain and obama had prior to obama being elected.

so either way....our president can not win. if he comes out flailing, he's automatically considered the "angry black man" by RWNJ's and if he comes out calm and collective, then he's not showing enough emotion. wtf people seriously. do i agree with my president 100%? no. do i support him 100%? yes. because i have faith in him and believe he has our best interest at heart for our country. do i think he should have acted a little quicker after the explosion of this oil rig? maybe so. but people need to quit putting all of this on him. this is not our president's "katrina" - which if i hear someone else say this, i am going to scream. he can't put on a wetsuit and become aquaman and dive 1 mile under the ocean and shut the leak off. he is doing the best that he can with the tools that he has. not to mention all of the other million pressing issues that our country has at the moment. he is only one man. one human man. have a little faith in him people and quit criticizing every little thing he does - especially something as trivial as showing the "correct" amount of emotion or not. ugh.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


crackmonkey : i'm trying to keep it local, like my produce. ;)