Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jesus Built My Hot Rod

ivycurlz: 4 missing after sinkhole swallows Quebec home
the earth is eating us
butterfly: sweeeeeeeeeeeet baby jesus with a thumb up his nose
ivycurlz: sweeeeet baby jesus got a rumble in his belly
hungry for humannzzz
jesus is a zombie
jesus built my hot rod
butterfly: i forgot to tell you happy zombie jesus day on easter
ivycurlz: its a love affair mainly between jesus and my hot rod, yeah fuck it
butterfly: i wanted to post that on my fb, but i was afraid too many people would get offended
stupid people. jesus was a funny guy.
ivycurlz: i would be offended
butterfly: i know you would...you were the one i was worried about
zombie jesus
ivycurlz: he was prolly the class clown
silly jesus
pranks are for april 1st

My Dinosaur Ate Your Jesus Fish

butterfly: "we can't all do big arms!"
in other news, the earth is eating us. literally.
i think the apocalypse has begun.
crackmonkey: "and those squirrels would be COVERED in makeup"
and i think you're right
butterfly: and to make you laugh...
crackmonkey: lol