Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cast of Characters that may appear regularly

under assumed names of course.

Butterfly: moi. full throttle into my mid 30's - exploring myself and becoming very comfortable in my own skin. mother of 1. engaged as of 11/7/10. i like to think of myself as overly kind hearted, loyal, fun and slightly sarcastic at times. i have no regrets - it took a while to get to that point, but i am fully there. you will learn more about me as you read my blog entries.

The Ladybug: aka: my beautiful, amazing offspring. she's only 11, but you would think sometimes that she's 25. she's a princess in every aspect and my complete opposite. she loves anything that's girly and it makes me cringe and smile at the same time. i am looking forward to being known as her cooky hippie mom when she starts cheerleading and pageantry or whatever else tickles her fancy. so, the princess aspect has sure faded and she's almost in full tom-boy mode. she's has the hugest heart. she's a great kid. i have many many nicknames for her - "beber", "britches", "little monkey", "beezy" etc. she doesn't act too excited when i call her these things anymore. whaaa.

i may be referring to her dad and step-mom as Big Daddy and LuLu. just to preface our relationship, we have a very uncommon bond. we all get along famously. first we decided it was the right thing to do for the well-being of The Ladybug, but has now turned into a true friendship and true family. LuLu has become one of my best friends even outside of parenting and i am honored to call her family.

The Sissy: my gorgeous, talented sister. the dancer. we fought like cats and dogs when we were kids, but are now the closest of friends. i couldn't have asked for a better sibling. she speaks in her own language and it's catching.

The Rents: my folks. the two people that raised me and helped me develop into the person i am today. i love them both with all my heart. my mother and i feuded from my age of 13 through somewhere around 23. there is still that underlying tension, but i think we have both accepted the people that we are and just deal with it. my father is the most amazing man i have ever met in my life. he's loving, gentle, caring, get the picture.

The Gang: the best group of friends a gal could ever ask for. they are my family and i don't know what i would do without each and every one of them as a part of my life.

  • Natorchen: i don't even know where to start....our friendship is priceless. i can talk to him about anything under the sun. his signature phrase is "no, but yah"...or "yah, but no". he says he is a descendant of the sasquatch. some days i believe him.
  • The Davish One: freemason. the one i turn to for all my philosophical needs. smart as a tack. sarcastic and witty to a tee. i like to pick his brain, then it makes me mentally tired. i give him advise on women. he's still trying to figure it all out. sadly, i have told him that it will be a forever ongoing battle. he's starting to realize this.
  • Crack Monkey: once known as "my other hip". we were inseparable for a few years. she's still my best girl. we don't see each other very often due to life in general, but when we do spend time together it's like no time has passed. we are very silly girls when together. we are also known as The Fly Girls. and we have our own language we speak in.
  • DJ Capone: one of my oldest friends out of them all. he's one of a kind. he's hispanic and hates beans. he likes to flip off cameras when he's getting his picture taken. we IM each other throughout the work day to keep ourselves sane.
  • ADMUSICA: pure genious. i've witnessed him composing a classical musical piece while sitting at a table in a crowded bar. one of the most obscure people i know. he makes me laugh and says things that hardly make sense. often.
  • Martian: (he would die if i knew i nicknamed him that on my blog) he has his own ism's. he should publish them. he has mood swings worse than any woman i have ever seen. but you have to love him. he gives the best hugs in the world and afterwards, his smell lingers on you until you change clothes. or shower for that matter.
  • Chaser: oh chaser. cute as a button. he is the happiest person i know. he is always smiling and it's quite infectious. fun to hang out with, but let's face it...he's flakey as hell. although i have to say recently, i'm seeing a change in him....maturing maybe? hmmm....nahhhhhhhh
  • E-Dogg & E: also known as E (squared). just recently married...they are so cute it's sickening. i envy their relationship and their will to get out and see the world while they are young. so fun to hang out with - guaranteed to be good times

The Adopted Family: Mama & Pop living in bermuda. my best friend and adopted sis: Pea who i have known 20+ years. Nene & Booty : adopted brothers. i consider all of them my family as much as i do my parents and my sister.

Ivycurlz : c-r-a-z-y doesn't even begin to describe her. funnest person i know - makes me laugh hysterically on a daily basis. makes my work day workable - don't know what i would do without her. known her about 10 years. has the sweetest 15 year old daughter who is ladybug's best friend. she also loses her debit card on a daily basis.

The Fiance : engaged as of 11/7/10. been together off an on for 6 years. many trials and tribulations, but we were reunited in july of 2010 and have been together ever since and now engaged to be married. we've been through more than most people go through in a lifetime already. he is my ONE. always has been and always will be. i may have tried to deny that in the past, but i would never now. he is my rock and my other half.


there may be some additions to this cast, so i will make sure to link it back when necessary.

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