Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And It Begins...

the day i have been dreading for years has finally come.

my daughter got her first note from a boy yesterday at school.

help me baby jesus.


tread lightly on mother earth ~ today and EVERYDAY


~ If you honor every living thing as a part of nature's treasure, you're in tune with Mother Nature. So let's all sing her song together~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dr. Michael Mirdad

i had the most UPLIFTING experience today. Mother/Father God called me to my church today. unity of dallas.

i haven't been in a couple of months and have been having a few personal struggles lately. none that i will broadcast, but let me just tell you that the sermon given today by guest Dr. Michael Mirdad was inspiring to me beyond words.

i was at church today to hear him speak. i was sent there because God knew exactly what i needed to hear and exactly what i needed to feel.

if you have a chance and are interested, please check out the sermon from today HERE. "Living The Christ Life". i never want to force anything upon anyone, but i am always willing to share information that i think is worth sharing.

i bought his book : "You're Not Going Crazy...You're Just Waking Up!" and i can't wait to delve into it.

love & light.

namaste ~~~~~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Positive Addiction

so i've never really been a big starbucks fan. it's too corporate and on top of the fact that i don't like coffee anyway...well. the only thing i ever get there when i do stumble into one is a chai latte. i can't do too much i don't even get the chai much anymore because it tends to cause me to get a little jittery.

i took a friend to starbucks a couple of weeks ago and she turned me onto the tazo vanilla rooibos latte. i *heart* this drink. you should try one. and add a packet of splenda. you won't regret it :)


Thursday, April 02, 2009


yum yum goodness at genghis grill last night. yes, it was as evil as it looks.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hits and Misses

i got an email yesterday from my awesome bloggin' soul brotha from maryland saying he was going to be literally 21.68 miles up the road from me for 2 days. but due to work would be unable to have time for us to meet up. oceanshaman, i sure do wish you could extend your trip for a few more days so i could have a chance (along with ms. brandi as well) to show you some good texas hospitality along with some must see's.

too bad you weren't here a few days ago for one of our thunderstorms. much love to you brother - i hope your stay is a positive experience and you will want to come back. hopefully for pleasure next time and hopefully long enough for your lone star sisters to show you around. :)