Friday, April 30, 2010

More Banter

crackmonkey: i'm so mad. can't get that damn song out of my head now
butterfly: you think that's bad.... i keep getting flashes of "arthur" in my head
crackmonkey: LOL
butterfly: dudley moore
crackmonkey: ugliest leading man ever
and shortest
butterfly: indeed.


crackmonkey: how'd you like to have this for a last name: (website hidden)
butterfly: oh my god
it's your new russian name
*crackmonkey* szafranski
crackmonkey: LMAO
ms. szafranski needs her vodkas
butterfly: LOLOLOL
i wonder if the other parents will look at me funny if i bring a roadie to ladybug's game tonight
crackmonkey: SNORT
put it in a paper bag
butterfly: classy
crackmonkey: nah, just put it in a taco bell cup. i read on TFLN that the biggest size taco bell cup can fit a whole bottle of wine
butterfly: see you learn things on that site
highly educational
crackmonkey: exactly


butterfly: total
*jazz hands*
crackmonkey: ok, this is a serious question now:
why. do. you. hate. me???
butterfly: not sure if you noticed or not, but i am having fun tormenting you with songs today
atleast i haven't rick rolled you


crackmonkey: hate you
butterfly: what?
crackmonkey: you just rick rolled me by phone!
i didn't know that was possible!
butterfly: LOL! classic

The Moon and New York City

butterfly: i have a question
exactly how do you caught between the moon and new york city?
is that even possible?
crackmonkey: you bitch
butterfly: LMAO!!!!!!!
i <3 you
no but in all seriousness....for real? was he on LSD when he wrote this song?
crackmonkey: maybe he was on a plane
i've been stuck between the moon and new york city before
butterfly: ohhhhhhhhhh
that makes total sense now
thank you for the enlightenment
crackmonkey: that's what i'm here for
butterfly: i found it kind of hard to believe that christopher cross was on any mind altering drugs.
i's christopher cross
crackmonkey: thejonesey: what i wanna know is why is the owner of a broken heart so much better than an owner of a lonely heart?
butterfly: LOL!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Death of Stupid

this conversation comes after i found out about a group on facebook that is 'praying' for the death of president obama....over 1 million fans, mind you.

(insert banter, general cussing and mention of quitting the human race)

butterfly: i am going to create a facebook page called "praying for the death of all stupid"
and a picture with BIG ARMS
AND big hands
crackmonkey: and jazz hands
"praying for darwin's theory to working faster"
work, not working
see? i'm one of the stupids
butterfly: LMAO! i so love you

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jeff, the God of Biscuits

go ahead and try and make ANY sense of this conversation...LOL

butterfly: so when i laid down to go to sleep last night i was laughing hysterically for some reason "do you have a flag?" came into my head and i couldn't stop laughing.
i need help
crackmonkey: i'm laughing about you laughing about "do you have a flag?"
big arms
we can't all do big arms!
butterfly: oh my god i am laughing so hard right now
we need to have a wine/eddie night soon
crackmonkey: yes please
i have bought that dvd 3 times. and each time was for someone else
butterfly: and we can have the lovers pizza guy deliver us a pizza. "oh i missa your house. and i poke badgers with spoons"
crackmonkey: jeff the god of biscuits!
butterfly: LOL
i just read this conversation and pictured someone else reading it and the deer in headlights look on their face made me laugh even harder
crackmonkey: oh totally
WTF are these chicks talking about?
they need help
butterfly: pretty sure we would get that comment 80% of the time
crackmonkey: yeah, you're right
"L" cracked me up with Fo yesterday
butterfly: the other 20% is being all serious at work and shit
i know and she was probably like "what?"
crackmonkey: i know!
butterfly: sure it was a typo to her, but to us....
crackmonkey: did she just tell me to f.o.???
butterfly: LOL
crackmonkey: unfortunately her hubby doesn't do iphone apps
i could've gotten him a jobby job
butterfly: then they would have to move back here!
crackmonkey: either denver or phoenix. :I
butterfly: oh well hell
those are both closer than wisCANson
crackmonkey: LOL
ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh
i think i ate bad sushi yesterday
butterfly: SEE!
crackmonkey: my tummy is JACKED
butterfly: sushi=bad
crackmonkey: it was from a grocery store, doof
not a smart choice
butterfly: still something sketchy about raw fish
crackmonkey: yummy
butterfly: you are yuk
crackmonkey: my tummy is yuk
butterfly: that too
crackmonkey: i totally missed a great yer momma up there
yer momma sketchy
butterfly: ha! you did!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today's Baby Jesus Quote

ivycurlz: weeeeeeeeeeeee babay jessusususu moonwalking to the safety dance
ssaffeety dance

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Mess

butterfly: can you please find someone a little more local?
k thanks
crackmonkey: no shit
he's talking about moving to dallas :I
before we started talking, that is
butterfly: well...that's a start :) :)
crackmonkey: too soon!
too soon!
too soon!
butterfly: well not FOR you... he was going to anyway right?
if he does atleast he would be close enough so ya'll can hang and get to know each other
crackmonkey: yes. still, even talking to him feels TOO SOON!
butterfly: what's the harm in that?
well if it feels too soon then don't do it
but you are doing it...
crackmonkey: i know. ugh. i am a hot mess
butterfly: we all are
besides how can you define "too soon"?
sometimes meeting someone is the best way to get over someone else
off topic, john cusack totally tweets like he acts
horribly cute
and another thing...i don't know about this twatter business
it has managed to give me a headache...too overwhelming.
crackmonkey: oh whatever. i'll give you a tutorial. i really only use it a couple times a week, but check the ones i follow every day
butterfly: cafe brazil in deep ellum is serving apple chipotle chili as soup of the day. damnit! damn the beef! if it was turkey chili i would be all over that!
crackmonkey: YUM
i bet we could find a recipe and sub turkey
butterfly: oooooooooooooooh
gonna note that on my things to do list
good reason to make a big batch of it and have all of our non-commital friends come to dinner
we could make a drinking game out of guessing who will show
crackmonkey: yup - at my new casa!
we'll be eating chili for days
butterfly: LMAO!
we are ridiculous
crackmonkey: i know
so are they though
butterfly: good point
crackmonkey: they still act like 22 year olds
butterfly: it's like benjamin button. they are aging in reverse
crackmonkey: LOL
butterfly: well...
not true because they didn't start out old, wise and mature
crackmonkey: if they were aging into brad pitt, that'd be ok
butterfly: LOL!!!!


more at PING!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


butterfly : So this new file I picked up to underwrite – last name “Manshack”


ivycurlz : LOL!!!!!!!!! Is he married? Cause that would be awesome to be Mrs. Manshack!

butterfly : Yes they are.

Manshack…baby manshack. Folks linin up outside just to get dowwwwwwwwwwn.

ivycurlz : Everybodys grooving everybodys movin baby

meggers : Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin roof. Rusty!

farls : I got me a car it fits about 20 so come on and bring your juke box money.......

butterfly : The Manshack is a little ol’ place where…we can get togetherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

ivycurlz : Manshack baby! Manshaaackk, that’s where its aaattt manshackkkk that’s where its aaatt

Monday, April 05, 2010


so i had some time to kill this afternoon after i had finished working and i starting going through my blog and skimming through all of my old posts. it's so fun to read them to see how much you have changed/grown and on the other hand, how you've stayed just the same.

i know i haven't been posting much. i'm just at a stage in my life that i've taken a step back from the blogging world. who knows if it's permanent or if i'll pick it back up and run with it again. it's just where i am now.

life is blissful - i turned 34 this year and my little ladybug is growing up so fast.

ciao for now ~ butterfly

Friday, April 02, 2010

End of The Week Banter

butterfly: off topic - i still want to check out the gospel brunch there at some point in my lifetime

natorchen: hehe ok

natorchen: you just gotta pick a day when you don't have soccer and peal your ass off tha couch

butterfly: yer mom

natorchen: that just read like "fuck off"

butterfly: we've known each other way too long

butterfly: :P

natorchen: hehehe

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I *heart* gmail

silly gmail. tricks are for kids.

Today's vowel outage