Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Are YOU Thankful For?

it is impossible to make a list of ALL the things i am thankful for. on a smaller scale, this thanksgiving, i am thankful for:

1. my daughter, family, friends, my puppy-marshall, my kitty-bella (every living soul in my life)
2. the time i was able to share with those that are no longer with us
3. my sight, touch, taste, hearing, my intuition...
4. my health
5. me

happy thanksgiving all. i hope you have a lovely holiday surrounded by family and/or friends.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Recap

the wake and funeral were very nice. had some family drama friday evening at the wake, but we managed to get through it. the funeral was beautiful. the patriot guard attended the services. it was utterly amazing. i am still speechless. it was a cloudy, cold day. as soon as we got out to the gravesite for the short service there, the sun came out. it made me smile.

after going through all of this, i needed a break saturday night. crack monkey and i got together for some vino and "twilight". thank goodness we have a friend that works at studio movie grill and got us in for free. what a cheesefest. i was really disappointed with how the movie turned out. hopefully the sequels will be much better. all the characters were perfect, but the actual movie itself was just. wow. however....i must say that my obsession with edward has become even more unhealthy after seeing the movie. didn't know that was possible. whew.

Friday, November 21, 2008

RIP Uncle Dick

dear uncle dick,

i miss you so much already. you were part of the sunshine in my life. you were an amazing human being filled with such compassion and so much love. i was blessed to have gotten to know you as i have grown older and to see you not just as an uncle, but as a friend. i will cherish all the time spent with you and i will remember you always. your glowing smile that was so catching. the ladybug misses you too. you were so kind to her and told her she was the prettiest girl you had ever seen whenever you saw her. i know she will remember that as she grows older and she will hold you close to her heart for the rest of her days. sadness fills me today, as it did the moment i knew you had left us. tears fall from my eyes as i type this. i can only hope that i live a life as fulfilling as yours and i can learn from your kindness and carry that with me. i know your light will shine through in me until the end of my days. thank you for being who you were. you meant more to me than you will ever know. give jeanne and donnie my love as well. i know you have been waiting to be with them. you are home now.

i love you.


i just returned from a work related trip to nashville, tn this past week. for those of you that live in dallas or any other concrete jungle, you will appreciate what i'm about to say. those of you that actually live where nature thrives, then you will think i'm crazy, but so be it.

as soon as we landed and on our drive to the corporate office, i felt like i was in a painting. they REALLY have seasons there. (obviously here we are lacking in the season changes). vibrant crimson reds, bright yellows and was amazing. and mountains. i took 2 photos from my camera phone here:

my co-worker got several more photos and i will probably post them once she emails them to me. due to work, we didn't get out and see much, but we did take the opportunity wednesday night to go check out some of downtown nashville. we started at a place called the printer's alley. we spent most of our time down there at bourbon street blues and boogie bar...a spot where the locals like to go. i absolutely loved it. we saw a great blues guy, eric davis, perform. we stayed there a few hours and enjoyed conversations with the locals.
we then left there and headed up lower broadway. lines were long to get into the bars, but we got some good photos. hopefully i can get those posted soon.
glad to be home, but it was a nice get-away even though it was work related.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Day 1 (and 300th post - woo-hoo!)


right in our own backyard. ignorant, uneducated fuckholes. there's a reason why they call it WACKO.

i suppose we have more of this bs to look forward to.

Baylor interim president confirms apparent racial incidents election night on campus

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Two Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

although today is a great day in america and around the world - i am still boasting with joy....part of me feels disappointed because of this.

i can't believe people regressed on this issue.

Voters approve Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriages


before i actually try and get any work done today, i wanted to try and get out some of what i feel. i am so emotional right now, i can hardly contain myself. i am full of happiness...and of HOPE. hope for our future. hope for a change. FINALLY.

i honestly can't believe it! although i held hope, i was still skeptical...i wasn't sure if it was enough. as the months have gone by, i have been glued to everything i could get my eyes on or my ears on. i really started believing we had a chance. that belief became a reality last night.

my friends (hehehe), history is made. history is in the making. and we are here to witness this bout of greatness! it's going to be a long long road, but we are FINALLY moving in the right direction. most of this change will come gradually and there are no immediate fixes, but it's going to happen. it's beautiful. i can feel it.

the acceptance speech was inspiring and emotional for me - i cried - heavily...i got goosebumps...and i smiled. widely.

i do also have to say that i was very impressed with mccain's concession speech. i have grown to despise this man. but after hearing what he had to say last night, i felt some compassion for him. maybe there is some good in him after all. palin was almost in tears.

i think we are finally going to be coming together as a country again. as americans. to gain the respect back from the rest of the world that we have lost over the last 8 years.

as my friend crack monkey said :

"dear america: thanks for not fucking up this time."


so now i say "WELCOME MR. PRESIDENT!"