Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New layout

what do ya'll think? i've been tweeking it all afternoon. did i mention i hate my current job? well...i do.

the only thing i couldn't get right is my haloscan comments, so i guess i will just use the regular blogger comments for a while.

Oh Danny Boy....

little "hotty" potter turned 18 yesterday. and i just found these pictures...good LORD when did this happen? (i feel so dirty)

Caught again????

not that i really give a flying fuck, but what the hell is wrong with HER? i swear between her, brittney spears, paris hilton, nicole richie and then all these young singers who are SO FREAKIN ANGRY at the world and portray that through their songs...ie. pink, carrie underwood, etc.... can we just pile them all together and throw them to the alligators? jesus. i know i shouldn't really be judging, but when you have a young daughter that starts to look up to certain celebrity young women, these are NOT the young women i want her to be looking up to. ugh. i guess i can only hope that her favorites - hillary duff and hannah montana aka miley cyrus aren't idiots like the rest of them. but i'm sure that will just come in time.

and by the way...just a suggestion, but these girls have millions and millions of dollars. instead of being drunk and carrying drugs on you, then jumping into your cars.... get into a FUCKING LIMO you rich, spoiled brats.

Monday, July 23, 2007


i recently ordered some books and a cd off amazon.com a couple of weeks ago. my order has finally come in. today i received:

i need to finish my other 2 books quickly so i can start in on these. i hadn't read a good laugh-out-loud book in a while and mark leyner is always good for that.

sweet. i feel like a kid at christmas.


friday: worked in my miserable job position and GOT A NEW JOB! :) i had interviewed a couple of weeks ago and they called me and extended me the offer. and i took it. start 8/1. i'm EVER so excited.

got into a bit of a scuffle with mi madre about the fact that she found out that Horizon is black (which in all actuality he's a beautiful caramel/mocha chino color). that's neither here nor there. i was a bit taken-aback by the situation friday evening, but i'm over it now. the fact is that i'm happy, in love and he treats me like a queen - that's all that should matter. so she will just eventually have to get over it...and if she doesn't, well...she will just have to deal with it the best way that she's able.

saturday: woke up and purchased HP:DH at wallyworld for the budget price of $17.78. woo-hoo! immediately after, had to come into my miserable reality that is my job for 4 frickin hours. fabulous.

but quickly forgot about that as i had a lovely late lunch with ms. Eleanor. came home and dove into my new book, then spent the rest of the evening into the morning with my sweetheart.

sunday: got back home early - decided to be productive and went and bought a new cd organizer because the one i have used for years is old and beat up and just not cutting it anymore. of course on my way home, i drove by barnes and noble and decided to stop in to do some cd browsing to possibly add to my new organizer. :) nice logic there, right? ha

walked out with 3 cds: So Real: Songs from Jeff Buckley (which i had been dying to purchase since it came out), A New Day at Midnight : David Gray (which i had to replace since the car jacking incident well over a year and a half ago) and this new little gem that i just fell in love with: One Cell In the Sea: A Fine Frenzy. she's cute as a butten and her voice is haunting and delightful. reminds me a wee bit of tori amos, although, you can't really compare anyone to her, but she has that similar aura about her.

got home, organized my cds, got through another few chapters of my book and crashed for 3 hours. The Ladybug came home after i had been missing her so much, we hung out, played, then retired to bed.

so here i am again on a monday *loving* my current job and avoiding the job i hate by blogging. shame on me. on that note, i shall go and actually try and clear out the rest of my pipeline as much as i can before i blow this joint on friday.

ciao bellas and bellos.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


praise my squishee

Friday, July 13, 2007


THIS is freakin hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!