Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Caught again????

not that i really give a flying fuck, but what the hell is wrong with HER? i swear between her, brittney spears, paris hilton, nicole richie and then all these young singers who are SO FREAKIN ANGRY at the world and portray that through their songs...ie. pink, carrie underwood, etc.... can we just pile them all together and throw them to the alligators? jesus. i know i shouldn't really be judging, but when you have a young daughter that starts to look up to certain celebrity young women, these are NOT the young women i want her to be looking up to. ugh. i guess i can only hope that her favorites - hillary duff and hannah montana aka miley cyrus aren't idiots like the rest of them. but i'm sure that will just come in time.

and by the way...just a suggestion, but these girls have millions and millions of dollars. instead of being drunk and carrying drugs on you, then jumping into your cars.... get into a FUCKING LIMO you rich, spoiled brats.

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