Monday, March 16, 2009


it's that time again...when one of the largest musical events in the world moves through our little state of texas. mar 18-22. i am totally bummed that i can't make the 3 hour trip south on I35 this year for the festivities. there are TONS AND TONS of great bands this year....but THIS one at La Zona Rosa at 10pm on Thurs Mar 19th is my biggest sadness that i will miss. :( :( :( boo.

well...and THIS one too.

i'm going to go cry now.

(and on a very interesting note, there is actually a band called natalie portman's shaved head. yes folks, i could not make this up.


Crushed said...

It actually did suit her, though.

Perhaps that is why it became such an iconic symbol.

Jaime said...

pj harvey is also going to be at sxsw. pj and tori, wow. i really want to go sooo bad. i had a funeral to go to so i can't take any time off for sxsw, i'm bummed!! oh and tori is performing all new material. damn!