Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kickin the Habit

welp, i've finally done it. i made the decision to quit smoking. i knew it was coming, my body has been ready. i smoked my last cigarette on 11/30. i have been smoke free for 15 full days. and lord knows it hasn't been easy. and it will continue to be a struggle, but i'm determined. i also haven't been out drinking with my friends either - that is going to be a huge challenge. agh. wish me luck :)


jodie said...

i'm about a year and three months clean...after probably 5 failed attempts! i'm sending you strength, you'll definitely need it that first night out! (for me, it was with my family...they're never far from an ashtray) keep it up, the first month is the hardest!

Emerging From The Fire said...

Yikes! Me too! I quit on October 20-something.

I am NOT wishing you luck because I found I didn't need luck -- just enough "self love" to know that what I was doing was right for me.

So, I am wishing you much love.