Friday, January 01, 2010

My New Year's NON-Resolution

alright so every year i make resolutions...some i actually follow through with...others just fall flat on their faces.

with that said, i am only making 2 "NON-resolutions" this year. of course there are specifics that i want to accomplish/change, but i'm not going to do that this year.

2009 certainly wasn't a bad year for me, but it entailed many struggles and heartaches.

so for is is.


2. release all negativity and things that bring negativity to my life

and i think that about does it.

wishing all my blogging world friends a beautiful and prosperous 2010!!!!

much love to all.

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cordieb said...

Happy New Year Butterfly! Here's wishing that you will accomplish your two, most thoughtful, resolutions, this year and every year!

Peace, Light and Love,