Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

i would like to take a moment to put the spotlight on this young man! ....philippe cousteau jr is an absolute inspiration. he's come into the spotlight as of late with the oil spill. yes, he is the grandson of jacques cousteau. and look at him, he's pretty easy on the eyes to boot.

he's been on media shows recently speaking about the oil spill and offering his expertise and opinion on the matter. he is the CEO of earthecho international, a non-profit organization whos mission is to empower youth to take action that restores and protects our water planet. he is the chief ocean correspondent for animal planet and also for planet green channel.

what an inspiration he is and his work is dignifying.

so a handsome environmentalist. what more could you ask for? :p


Jen said...

Hello! I saw your post on Philippe Cousteau. Since you mention his recent media blitz about the tragic oil spill, I wondered if you knew about his forthcoming book, all about teens saving our oceans, rivers, and wetlands. It is titled Going Blue, and we're publishing the book with his coauthor, Cathryn Berger Kaye. You can take a look here:

Going Blue inlcudes projects that real kids can do to make a real difference. And the timing couldn't be better, unfortunately. Kids want to know how they can help.

All the best,
Jenni Bowring
Free Spirit Publishing

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