Wednesday, May 16, 2007


when you've finally decided to do something and start sticking to it, it's amazing how your body, mind and soul change.

just from playing soccer alone for the past 9-10 months has helped. i've dropped a size, however only lost about 5 lbs. my legs are definitely more tone, but i haven't LOST WEIGHT like i need / want to.

i am completely ready. i am commited to finally losing this weight. i've talked about it, but i didn't have 100% full on gumption before. now - i do.

so here's my plan. i'm giving myself until december 1, 2007 to reach my goal weight which is plenty of time. i signed up with and have received a meal plan. i'm definitely not going to follow it 100%, but it does give me the guidance as to what i should be eating. that's been my problem all along - is that i just haven't eaten well enough to lose the pounds, but all that is changing starting today. i'm keeping a food / drink diary every single day and am commited to keep it up. i'm not going to restrict myself too much, i'm just changing my eating habits for the better. sweets have never been a problem for me, but carbs always have, which i am going to be cutting down on.

until july, i won't be playing outdoor soccer again because our season is over. no gaps in indoor though - every thursday night. so tuesday, saturday and sundays i have committed to running/walking for 30-45 minutes each day. that will not only help me lose the weight, but increase my stamina for the game of soccer, which is my true passion. if i could play it 7 days a week, i totally would.

so here goes! i will be blogging about my progress as well, so if you see me slipping up or doing something i shouldn't be doing, tell me about it - slap my hand, because i will need it! i'm 31 and i'm not waiting any longer. by the time i reach 32, i will be at my goal weight and feeling great about myself. this is for me and me alone. i am ready to lose this weight for life and tweeking my lifestyle is exactly how i plan on doing so.

wish me luck! :)

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