Monday, February 25, 2008

Tristan & G. Love & soccer & Knight Rider & American Gangster

hellova title, right. that's probably because i'm totally out of it today since i took a bit of a pain pill last night due to massive muscle pains and now i'm just...well...groggy.

friday evening was phenomenal. it was my birthday celebration since i have the ladybug all this week. friends who couldn't make the show met us at a local bar before heading out to the late show that it was. apparently bob dylan had played an early show that night, so doors didn't open until 10, which is unusual for HOB. g. love of course put on an awesome, funky, groovin show. if you've never seen him live, i certainly advise you to do so. tristan prettyman opened up for him. although i had heard a song or two and of course their collaboration on one of his songs off his last album, i didn't know much of her. seriously. she is AMAZING! my new favorite song at the moment is her song called breathe (click and it will take you to her site so you can hear the song). she's a great performer and cute as a button to boot.

saturday was spent taking it easy. a friend came over saturday evening and we watched the new knight rider movie. hahahaha. it's hard not to laugh and as cheesy as it was (was the first knight rider not cheesy?), i kind of enjoyed it. i kind of hope they end up making it into a tv show because i will probably watch it. :-p

also watched american gangster. whoa. of course we saw the unrated, extended version which added on about 19 more minutes of the original film shown in theaters. what an awesome flick. i recommend it highly if you haven't seen it yet.

sunday was filled with soccer. my first outdoor game this season, which we tied 1-1 and then the ladybug's game. met up with a friend from out of town and her sweet little daughter for dinner, then came home and relaxed before bedtime.

it was one of my more enjoyable weekends that i've had in quite some time. a weekend filled with close friends and of course some i haven't seen in many months which was very nice :)

this week is going to be tremultuous at work, so posting will probably be few and far between.

pip pip cheerio.

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Dandelion seeds said...

oh my god! did you know our birthdays are so close??

mine is today!