Thursday, September 04, 2008

PALIN = failin'

ok i am going to go ahead and put a disclaimer up here now that if you don't want to hear what i have to say about the republican party (because this is about to be quite ugly), then PLEASE stop reading now. as it is my blog and i am allowed to express my own opinions.

ok...if you are still reading, don't say i didn't warn ya.


i am literally disgusted this morning. after my soccer game, i decided that i was going to go home and try (the operative word here) to force myself to watch some of this republidump convention. and since the newly elected vp for mc-chumpalay's campaign has been selected and no one knows who the frack she is...i figured i would go ahead and try and educate myself by listening to HER speak, aside from what i've been learning via the lovely internet these past few days. yah...not impressed.

i made it through 2 hours - off and on. barely. and painfully.

first romney, then huckleberry (whom i don't mind all too much), then some ma'am-sir (yes, she looked like a man), whom i'm assuming is the mayor of hawaii because that's all she kept talking about was the population of hawaii and comparing it to the population of alaska. barf. then googliani. ugh...that guy. don't even get me started.

side note : how cute was it that palin's 17 yr old pregger daughter had her self-professed "fuckin redneck" "mr. classy" baby daddy there sitting beside her holding her hand the whole time. awwwwwwwww. (GAH!)

up until the point that palin took the stage, this convention has been a complete snoozefest.

the only thing i will give her is she did get the crowd riled up and motivated. but your enthusiasm only goes so far once you look past it and listen to what she really is saying.

what did she say? what did I, personally get out of that speech? uh....i'm at a loss. i actually had to choke her speech down, literally as i was trying to eat my dinner. mary kay said absolutely nothing about anything that MEANT anything. yes, she was personable and introduced herself in her own terms...but all she did was defend her *cough*lack of *cough* experience and tell us that her lovely 19 year old son is going to be deployed to iraq soon and she couldn't be more proud of him and how she got into this as a hockey mom (is that similar to a soccer mom?) and joined the pta. very sweet. and poked jabs at obama (which of course is fair - she was pretty tasteful for the most part in that aspect), and WAR WAR WAR - we are close to a "victory" in iraq...and said something about stirring up the whitehouse. about how a mccain/palin ticket would STIR UP THE WHITEHOUSE and how mccain's many actions would promote the change this country needs.


tell me, avon lady, what exactly is going to change in the whitehouse if you and mcdouchebag actually win this presidency? spell it out with me. n-o-t-h-i-n-g.



THEN, on top of all this i heard about how "they", as is the repubs, are treating ron paul...whom is still out there fighting for this nomination (god love the guy - i really do support what he's about - and i would totally vote for him if i thought he had any sort of chance in winning this election). "they" would let paul speak ONLY if he went by THEIR restrictions. i'm sorry - isn't this a free country? i'm sorry...isn't this what all of this debating and rah -rah shit is for? to speak your mind and to say what you believe in? i'm sorry, does being a republican AUTOMATICALLY make you PRO-FUCKING-WAR? just because ron paul disagrees with this pointless war, doesn't mean he doesn't have a right to participate in his own party's convention. that is enough reason for me right there to despise what this party stands for period. as if i didn't already. ron paul needs to move away from the republicans and claim himself as an independent again. i would be ashamed to be considered a republican. truly. but good for him, as he held his own rally at a smaller stadium down the street and had already sold 10k tickets. you go, ron.

alright. i feel better now. i believe my rant is coming to a close.

we are 2 months away from the presidential election of november '08. with that said, i'm probably going to be talking a lot more about it as it is CRITICAL that we make a change in the whitehouse this time around. truly. i urge all of you out there to do your research and to please please make an educated decision. as long as it's EDUCATED, please go vote!!!!!

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Billsen said...

That was brilliant! Well done - sorry that you had to ruin your dinner.