Friday, September 12, 2008


it's no secret that R.E.M. is definitely one of my top favorite bands. although i have to admit that i haven't really listened to anything new from them since "monster" that was released in 1994. i wasn't all impressed with that album much. i've heard bits and pieces of all the other albums released after that, and again...wasn't too impressed. i have heard through the grapevine though that this new cd, "accelerate" is very good. i am going to have to check it out. but EVERYTHING....and i mean everything R.E.M. put out from "automatic for the people" and prior, i LOVE.

i threw in "automatic for the people" this morning on my way to work and fell in love with it all over again. for me, it's easy to do with R.E.M.

i wanted to post 2 songs today. the first i would have to say ranks up in my top 5 songs of ALL time. the second song i just adore. they both take me away to a magical place.

happy friday all ~

Nightswimming - R.E.M.

Find The River ( Parallel Video Version ) - R.E.M.


Fantastic Figments said...

I love how a song can alter your mind.. or at least you perspective of the day.. Mast life much more managable! I also LOVE REM my fav (not to be cliche) Everbody Hurts.. Always does it for me:) Big slice of hummble pie. Thanks for the great post :)


Oceanshaman said...

How synchronicitous . . . you and I posted REM the same day . . .

Crushed said...

REM are an amazing band...

I would have to say Losing my Religion and Orange Crush are my favorite tracks by them.