Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Birthday Cake For Little Hitler

seriously? i just have no words. my heart goes out to these children.

No Birthday Cake For Little Hitler


Jaime said...

I feel bad for that child for having such fucktarted parents. As someone who is Jewish, I think it's disgusting that they named their child after such a monster. What stupid ass parents, seriously. That poor boy.

Crushed said...

You wonder really, how on earth any parent can call their child that and not wonder the repercussions.

And scary that they actually think its ok.

But I saw somewhere that Adolf and Benito are in the top ten most popular boys names in Panama. Scary.

Jane said...

Found you via Boho's blog (behold the power of blog surfing!). I remember hearing that story on the news and I second the other comment here....what fucktard would seriously name their kid such an evil and offensive name?!