Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hits and Misses

i got an email yesterday from my awesome bloggin' soul brotha from maryland saying he was going to be literally 21.68 miles up the road from me for 2 days. but due to work would be unable to have time for us to meet up. oceanshaman, i sure do wish you could extend your trip for a few more days so i could have a chance (along with ms. brandi as well) to show you some good texas hospitality along with some must see's.

too bad you weren't here a few days ago for one of our thunderstorms. much love to you brother - i hope your stay is a positive experience and you will want to come back. hopefully for pleasure next time and hopefully long enough for your lone star sisters to show you around. :)

1 comment:

nhcareyjr said...

That is a bummer. Dude is a cool guy.