Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dr. Michael Mirdad

i had the most UPLIFTING experience today. Mother/Father God called me to my church today. unity of dallas.

i haven't been in a couple of months and have been having a few personal struggles lately. none that i will broadcast, but let me just tell you that the sermon given today by guest Dr. Michael Mirdad was inspiring to me beyond words.

i was at church today to hear him speak. i was sent there because God knew exactly what i needed to hear and exactly what i needed to feel.

if you have a chance and are interested, please check out the sermon from today HERE. "Living The Christ Life". i never want to force anything upon anyone, but i am always willing to share information that i think is worth sharing.

i bought his book : "You're Not Going Crazy...You're Just Waking Up!" and i can't wait to delve into it.

love & light.

namaste ~~~~~


Brandi said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed him! I actually missed church on sunday and listening online, wasn't that moved by him. I bet his energy in person is amazing though.

Grace said...

I wish there was a transcript available to read right now! Can't listen to the message, but somehow, just reading this post lifted my spirit.

God must have sent me here today...


Vikki said...

I go to Unity Church of Dallas and saw Michael Mirdad myself. I was so moved by him that I went to the workshop after the service and again on Wednesday. He is wonderful beyond words.

Wayne said...

Saw Michael Mirdad at K of C in Brookfield, WI. Is good to share some of his life hipstory and heartsong. 7 Initiations make sense. Disses out on live food enlightenment though.
He needs to read Alkalinize or Die.

Enlightenment Fan said...

Can you say anything about the Jesus connection?

Jesus has been coming into the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching of Dave Oshana. Maybe some similarities?