Friday, March 19, 2010

Psycho Ramblings From The Overworked And Underpaid : Volume 7

ivycurlz: dammit
carey bros is in austin right now
lets go!
hes going to rudy's bbq then over to the tap room

butterfly: um i know!
my friend jaime saw him last night
so jealous!

ivycurlz: omg
can we peeease go?

butterfly: *ivycurlz*! we can't go you weirdo

ivycurlz: why not?

butterfly: um because we are broke and won't have a place to stay and it's crazy there right now

ivycurlz: you place yourself in the car and put it in drive
you have 1988210103 friends

butterfly: i am going to kick you
so what
and no i don't have that many friends

ivycurlz: surely one of the lives in austin

butterfly: several live in austin

ivycurlz: ?
ok then?

butterfly: *natorchen*'s down there right now too
as you know

ivycurlz: uh so you were saying we didnt have anywhere to stay?

butterfly: that doesn't escape the fact that i am broke and i'm not going to stalk cary
even though i love him
i stalk him enough with his fb posts

ivycurlz: uh
if we happen to be in the same bar as him that really doesnt make us stalkers

butterfly: HAHAHAHA
well we would go to the tap or whatever it's called
that is stalking because we know he's there
it's not like oh wow guess who just walked in

ivycurlz: oh well of course he would KNOW that

butterfly: then i could molest him and be ok with it

ivycurlz: oh theres *butterfly*, she must be stalking me cause shes here
and that guy over there, and that girl over there, and the waiter who is serving me

butterfly: *IVYCURLZ*
he would know i'm stalking him because i wouldn't get off of his leg

ivycurlz: *BUTTERFLY*
humpin carys leg
humpty humpt

butterfly: it's a reality sister

ivycurlz: yo sister
go sister
soul sister
hey sister

butterfly: you have officially cracked out. you need to go home.

ivycurlz: hi cary could you hold still? Im trying to hump your leg
ok thank you

butterfly: copy and paste this whole convo for me and send in an email will you?

ivycurlz: um ok

butterfly: stupid *messenger service* has jacked it up

ivycurlz: are you going to send this convo to him? That would be awesome

butterfly: no fruitcake - i'm posting it under our psycho ramblings
tick tock tick tock i'm waiting
butterfly sent a Buzz!

ivycurlz: yo mama waiting
i think you should send him this in an email on FB
he would prolly think it was hysterical
cuase he seems like he has a sense of humor

butterfly: he would probably ban us from coming within 30 feet of him ever or attending any of his shows.

ivycurlz: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
he wouldnt
he would think it was funny
then be like WHOA these chicks seem funny
i am going to hire them
and we can quit our jobs
and see him everyday
the end

butterfly: i really wonder how your brain comes up with these things sometimes

ivycurlz: im pretty sure my mom did alot of drugs when she was preggers with me
i have no other explanation

butterfly: well that explains a lot then

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Jaime said...

you could guys could have crashed at my place and he played for free and for sxsw. and i was like right in front of him. next time, just come!