Thursday, March 18, 2010


ok i am going on my soapbox again for just a moment. pardon me please...

so as a lot of you know out there, i was in an on-again off-again relationship with someone for 5 years. and in the off times, i had dated some other people here and there...nothing panned out.
i went through a heartbreak with this person in august of '09. it was pretty tough to get over, but i made it through and have completely overcome it.

i tried to date a couple of months after and i realized it was too soon. went out on a few dates. no biggy.

so, why when i have met someone that i really like and am falling for in the most amazing way, do these other guys come out of the woodwork? i kid you not, in the last 3-4 days, i have gotten texts from 4 different guys that i don't talk to on a regular's like they sense that shit. i want to tell them all to f - off, but that would be entirely too mean of me and i'm just not that type of person. but i sure am thinking it. one even had the audacity to say "what have you gotten yourself into? i've been waiting for you!" WHAT?!?! you haven't spoken to me in months and once you find out that i am seeing someone, i get that? wow. just wow. so, i tell you what boys, you had your chance, you blew it or it just didn't work out...i've met someone and i'm going for it. see ya.

it's about damn time i deserve some happiness and have someone treat me with love and respect as i will do the same.

*end soap box.

adios for now.


nhcareyjr said...

Boys will be just that, boys. Get yourself that man you want and never look back. All them boys are scrambling now because they saw you as a consolation prize and that aint no way to enter a relationship. If he is all about you, take the plunge. I wish you all the best.

butterfly said...

thank you darlin - you are awesome! your wife is one lucky lady :) :)

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Oh, I so remember these days! I found it rather flattering at first and then incredibly difficult. I went thru this w/ the then BF-Hubs and another guy that I was really hot for. Both my Hubs and I cried over it. That was when I knew that the then BF indeed was the right choice.
I sure hope that mister new guy treats you as well as you deserve. Good luck!

Emerging From The Fire said...

I have the exact same problem all the time. I realized that I am carrying a wide list of "commitment-phobes". They only want me when the realize that I have moved on.

Finally, I decided that the problem is them, not me. Or, at least, my only problem is that I put up with their ridiculous behavior. I decided to cut them ALL loose and find someone who wants me when he CAN have me.

You are way too awesome to deal with any guy who doesn't call for months and then contacts you only when he is afraid you aren't still at home crying about him.

So much better now with a man that adores me and wants me all the time. ;)

joanna said...

Men are hunters. Or at least that's what they would like to believe of themselves. So they tend to go after the hardest "prey" to be caught. Besides, a woman that is already in a relationship is a sort of a challenge. And she would probably be more likely to have an affair with them than leave the formal-boyfriend. Anyhow, it's all just a biiiig mess.