Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's All About The Dress, Right?

so some of you out there might know how much of a non girlie-girl i am and i'm pretty simple as far as fashion/design goes. but i knew when and if i was ever getting married, i was going to have a very lovely, talented sweet mama make my dress for me. i will post who it is once i get the dress, so you'll just have to be in suspense until then. i did want to post the direction it is going in.

the above photo is the basis of the dress. it will be made from hemp silk charmeuse. (no you can not smoke my dress after the wedding, so don't even ask - i've already had plenty of requests to do so :p)
the above photo will show the color green sash that will be under the bodice of the dress. it will be this color green and my seamstress will also be incorporating another green (in place of the brown shown in the photo).
and lastly, the above photo is the rough sketch of my dress. originally we were going to go with the brown in the sash like the photo above this, but i have changed my mind and now we are incorporating 2 shades of green. obviously the colors in the sketch aren't true to actual color.

i'm so excited about my dress i can hardly see straight. anything else about the plans could fall into place by themselves for all i care. i can't wait to wear this gorgeous piece of art. :)


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