Thursday, August 07, 2008

ACAI everything

over the last few weeks, my hotmail inbox (which i don't normally use for my primary email due to all the spam i get there) exploded with advertisements for the acai berry stuff.....claiming to be the new everything healing, superfood. is this possible? can one little berry contain all of these benefits or is this just a new fad?

as much as i believe in natural foods and natural healings.....i get very wary about things like this. unfortunately, due to my anxiety condition, i have chosen to take the common medical approach to living with my disease. therefore, this henders me from partaking in a lot of the herbal and natural routes that in my heart, i would prefer to use. as time goes on, i may decide the natural route will be better for me, but for now, i am sticking to what's worked for me for 5 years.
i am new to this acai phenomenon and i haven't really read more than a couple of articles over the past few days about it.

is anyone out there taking this? is it all a big hoax? or is there some real miracle in this stuff?

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