Wednesday, August 27, 2008


soulhat is one of my favorite local - as in austin - bands. i have been fortunate enough to see them many times live mostly 6-7 years ago, but recently got to see them again i believe close to a year ago with patrice pike (who i LOVE as well) at the granada theater. they always put on a kick-ass show. so i threw in experiment on a flat plane this morning on my way to work and rocked out the entire way.

it's hard to find much of their music out there on the web, but i found bonecrusher, which is definitely an awesome song, so wanted to share. enjoy!

Bonecrusher (Extended) - Soulhat

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Anonymous said...

Soulhat is a good memory for me. In between my Junior and Senior years in college in 1993, I saw them multiple times in various venues in Bryan/College Station. I had their CD "Outdebox," at the time, but lost it in the intervening years.

I recently ran across a website that had a few of their songs, including my favorite "Brian Waltz." Here is the link

I'm a long way from Texas (in New England), but I hope to see them again someday, once I come back home.