Monday, January 05, 2009

~ Namaste ~

this is my theme for 2009.


The God/Goddess Spirit within me recognizes and honors the God/Goddess Spirit within you.

i first heard "namaste" when attending my first real hatha yoga class about 5 years ago. and the reason i say real is because this was my first yoga class that i actually walked away with a new sense of self. i had attended several yoga classes in the past with my father that were nice, but didn't give me that experience that i so truly desired. the physical aspect, the spiritual aspect, the aligning of my chakras, the meditation, the savasana, and as closure, namaste.

the divine in me blesses and honors the divine in you.

at the peak of my yoga practices several years ago, i got the om symbol tattooed on my right lower back.

over the past few years, i have veered away from my yoga practices and gone in different directions. there are several things in my life that i do for myself including soccer, jewelry making and reading. some things are missing. thank you to the guidance of my beautiful soul sister, brandi, i've attended several services at this church. i think i've found my home. the second step for me in this journey is to get back into yoga and meditation. it was such a huge part of my being and i let it slip away. the time has come to really bring it back into my everyday life. my soul is crying out for it.

the past several weeks have posed some huge challenges for me as well as some very positive regrowth in a couple of relationships, including a rekindled love. i don't know what the future brings, but i try and live my life fully with each new day. have no regrets and love with every part of my being. i am bound and determined to get as much fulfillment out of this life as humanly possible for me. it takes some sacrificing and sometimes going in a direction you are unsure of, but if your heart leads you there, don't be wary.

so my dear readers, NAMASTE to you all and i wish you the best year of your life in 2009. i know that's what i'm hoping for :)

~ peace and love ~


Crushed said...

Namaste to you too :)

Brandi said...

*namaste* to you sister.

I am honoring your growth.

I heart you to pieces.

Oceanshaman said...

Namaste 2009 to you, my crazy lone star sister . . .

Mystic Sight said...