Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Psycho Ramblings From The Overworked And Underpaid : Volume 4

butterfly : yah i dunno. maybe i have watched too many horror movies, but i don't want a house with a basement
that would freak me the fuck out

ivycurlz : um yeah
that would creep me out everyday
i would have to put a lock on it

butterfly : i don't think even a lock would help me
fock that shit
there are many houses i underwrite with basements
especially south east of here

ivycurlz : LOL
i would not be able to go down it unless it was lit up like fuckin christmas
for realz
and i had an ax

butterfly : and like 10 people with me

ivycurlz : LOL!!!!
you first, no you first
halloween music starts suddenly
dodood dooo dooodd ooodddoooo


Anonymous said...

bwahahaha! lmao!
I could SO hang out with you! Where I live right now, you have to go OUTSIDE and into the basement(laundry) through another door. At night, it's pitch black out there, so last night I had to leave my laundry until the sun came up this morning!

* award for you on my blog

Ivycurlz said...

heheheh we are so funny. scary basements. you first!