Friday, May 15, 2009

Wildflower Festival

ok enough with the negative crap on my blog - bad vibes man. now for some positivity. this week has been a hilatiously busy week at work and i'm ready for a break!

the wildflower festival is going on this weekend in a suburb of the major city i live in. i've been every year with the exception of last year and it will be guaranteed good times. hopefully i will snap some good photos - i plan on taking my camera out there tomorrow for sure. SWEET lineup of music this year - i will be checking out : kool & the gang, jackopierce, (maybe rick springfield - he's been there every year and he's cheese-tastic) tonic, the toadies, the edgar winter band, night ranger (YAH!), kansas, the wailers and robert randolph and the family band.

happy weekend all! much love to you ~ namaste

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