Friday, June 26, 2009

The Controvercy of MJ

this is probably going to open up a can of worms, but it's a reality. i have heard MANY mixed emotions surrounding the death of michael jackson. including myself.

most of what you're hearing is shock, sadness, the death of such a huge icon for my generation. i mean, he truly was OUR elvis, OUR beatles. granted, he was neither of the 2, but he was that big to us. and i say WAS because since his legal and morality troubles started, people did see him differently.

all of that aside, you can't argue with his talent as an artist. he brought something that no one was ever able to bring. he was truly THE crossover musician. if it wasn't for him, there would not be many of the artists out there today. seriously. my parent's generation and honestly anyone even 5-10 years older than me does not understand our feelings. they went through the death of elvis... i was too young when elvis died to feel that impact. i feel it now, but not when it actually happened. i remember when i first got the cassette tape "bad" in 1987. i was 11. my mom bought it for me. i remember wearing it out in the cassette player. i remember watching "thriller" and thinking it was soooooooo scary, but i also thought it was AWESOME. (now that i look back, that might have been the start of my zombie obsession. ha!) michael jackson's music had a huge impact on my childhood and my growing up.

he was always eccentric, but that's ok. who isn't now-a-days.

now, for the can of worms. even my own boyfriend who is my age is not at all saddened by this news. it doesn't impact him in any way. he grew up with it just like i did. but in his eyes "God don't like ugly". and yes, he is right. if the allegations were true, and only MJ and God know the real truth, then i absolutely agree. he was not found guilty of the charges. but i also have no tolerance for child molesters. and if is what he truly was, then yes, God knows that. and that is between him and God.

but i don't know for sure. i can't accuse when it all very well could have been one idea that tumbled into a full on lie because one person thought they could benefit from the money that they would receive and other people decided to hop on the train. i just don't know. i don't know the guy personally and honestly when you are in the spotlight that much, you don't know what to believe.

all i know is the impact that his music had on me and that it STILL has on me. i hear his songs and i reminisce. and i sing and i remember days of my childhood. i remember mtv when they actually played videos. they are good memories. and i can't ever deny his talent as an artist.

it's very sobering and i feel somber. i hope that people will remember his legacy and his music and not the accusations and the legal troubles that were brought to light. that's between him and God as i said before. all i know is that we truly have lost OUR superstar.


Jaime said...

i'm glad you are blogging again.

yeah, he's a creepster. yeah, he may or may not be a child molester.
yeah, he's super eccentric, to say the least.

with that said, he's a pop icon. i grew up listening to him. his immeasureable talent cannot be disputed. he was innovative and his talent cannot be measured.

he's a complete loon yet i've always felt kind of sad for him. his childhood seemed awful.

i hope he's in a better place.

Butterfly said...

very well said, jaime. i fully agree. ;)

Brandi said...

thank for talking so openly about this and presenting the torn feelings that I think alot of people our age feel.

for me, I think the most tragic thing is his life had become (from all appearnces, anyway) so dysfunctional and it ended before any healing could be had. He died dysfunctional and surrounded in secrecy and general weirdness. And now there's not reconsiling (at least on this plain).

He was the voice of our generation. A voice that became sick. A voice that ends sick.

and that's what sad to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he was the voice of our generation, indeed. I don't know, but I did here on the news that his first accuser admitted that he was not actually molested and was actually coached by his mother to bring forth those allegations. I personally believe that Michael was A-sexual. It's a said story, and I do pray that Michael is finally at peace. Blessings, Butterfly!