Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun on a Friday

The Davish One : I found out some guy is following me on twitter, and so I looked at his stuff
and he wrote this: Alexander led 40K men, over 20K miles in 11 yrs to be what he was. What r u willing to do? Be lazy? Or be Great? You can't be both.
Which has managed to put me in a tail spin for the last 20 minutes
butterfly : whoa.
i pick lazy
The Davish One : HA!
butterfly : greatness can be in my mind
The Davish One : It's hard being up here
away from ya'll
butterfly : come down and play *the davish one*
(about 2 minutes later when i realized that he is actually in philly right now)
butterfly : funny thing is that i thought you were speaking in the figurative sense
then i realized you were being literal
wow, i really made myself laugh there
The Davish One : HAHAHAHA!!! Nice One *butterfly*!

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