Thursday, June 25, 2009

Interactive Post

ok so my fabulous friend, the davish one and i have been having a conversation and i was disturbed to find out that a close friend believed this article to be true. i would like to know from my readers out there if they find this true as well or if they thought it was as bizarre as i did :

The Davish One : Okay *name withheld* and I are hammering it out over this article. She says it's totally correct.
butterfly :oh god. dont get me and *name withheld* mad at each other
let me look
The Davish One : not trying to start drama.
butterfly : lol
The Davish One : you agree?
butterfly : um
The Davish One : is your body image better than this
please tell me it is
butterfly : i think this is overexagerated
i mean yes, there are things about myself i am not too crazy about, but this is WAY far fetched
The Davish One : okay, for that... listen to *name withheld*'s first response:
*name withheld*: good article. and absolutely correct i see a chubby midget with four chins and a big nose when i look in the mirror. ;)
butterfly : surely she is kidding
The Davish One : um, no
I thought so too
but no
butterfly : uh
i don't know what to say
The Davish One : and the big nose is a body image from her mother
yeah me neither!!!
(apparenly *mother* asked if *name withheld* wanted a nose job for her 18th bday)
Now I understand why she never believes me
butterfly : jesus christ
The Davish One : when I tell her she's pretty
And I thought not trying to sleep with her would give me street cred
she said, some.... but not much
well, thank god you're more balanced....
but I bet if you showed this article to *another name withheld* she'd agree with it
butterfly : jesus. i've never in my life....
i mean i know i am overweight and i'm not where i want to be, but i think i'm relatively an attractive person. there are things about myself that i'm not too excited about, but nothing that DISGUSTES me.
i can't even say anything.
The Davish One : THANK YOU!!!!
I knew that women's (and perhaps mens) self image was distorted
butterfly : they really need some therapy on self worth i think
The Davish One : like most women see themselves wider than they are, which is why anorexia is an issue
butterfly : good lord
The Davish One : Seriously!
There's a lot to be said for Self Love
butterfly : i agree
and that HAS to start on the inside
The Davish One : And then there's that
butterfly : otherwise your outside version of yourself will never be correct
good lord. i am very disturbed by all that.
The Davish One : You are truly happy with yourself and it shows. You shine from the inside, and I LOVE IT, *butterfly*!!!
butterfly : aw thanks *the davish one*
The Davish One : I'm getting there on myself....
And it's getting better
butterfly : good!!!
The Davish One : and people respond differently
There are parts of me I love
and parts of me I (used to hate) now just want to better
butterfly : it's amazing how the self worth will shine through and people can see it
The Davish One : People see more of what we project that of what we are.... interesting isn't it
It's not what is actually there
but what we project that is there
I think about this and the nature of the universe a lot....
butterfly : no wonder your brain is full
The Davish One : I'm trying to see the Universe as it truly is... not the constructs we project....
butterfly : metaphysics
The Davish One : And yeah, it makes my brain full, and causes me to 'hurt' other peoples brains. :D
butterfly : hehehe
The Davish One : yep meta physics
butterfly : that's why i love "what the bleep do we know?"
The Davish One : WOO HOO!!! Me Too! And I do all the time
butterfly : it's all about one's perceptions
The Davish One : smoke breaks can be lots of fun in my head
Yeah, and then I start working magic, making my own reality...
butterfly : i love you the davish one
The Davish One : For example, I have the ability to control traffic lights, and have proven this to many a person, including my mom
butterfly : and i love that you make my brain hurt
The Davish One : LOVE YOU TOO!!!!
Hahahaha, the pain means it's growing. and that's a good thing
butterfly : no pain no gain. gotcha.

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CordieB said...

I find it rather bizarre; however, I do believe there are some individuals who suffer from this affliction; actually there may be more than we are aware of. There are some individuals who allow vanity to control their lives to a point that it is debilitating; as proven by one of my fav entertainers, who recently passed away. Blessings, Butterfly Girl!!!! Don't loose perception of your own image. What really matters is what's in the inside!!!