Wednesday, August 15, 2007

101 THINGS (disclaimer - don't read if you get bored easily-haha)

i posted this 2 years and 2 months ago on an old blog i used to have...i ran across it going through some very old emails and thought i would repost it and make notes as to differences or things that have changed since then. enjoy :)

101 Random things about me (that you probably had no desire to know):

1. I was born on February 26, 197blah at blah blah blah in Dallas, Texas, USA

2. My full name is Laura blah blah. Laura was a take off of my father’s middle name, Lawrence.

3. My parents are still married. Maybe not “happily”, but regardless, they have stayed together all these years.

4. I have 1 sister, Mary Jane, who has become one of my best friends. We used to hate each other growing up. My dad had 2 daughters from 2 previous relationships – 1 marriage. The first one, Carol, I know nothing about and have never met. The second one, Leslie, I know and have been around her several times, but we are not close. She is married and has 2 daughters. I think they are getting divorced. Last I heard. *they ARE divorced now*

5. I have been engaged once, but never married.

6. I have one beautiful daughter, The Ladybug, born blah/blah/99. Her father and I were engaged when I was pregnant, but split when The Ladybug was less than a year old. I do not regret that decision.

7. Me and The Ladybug’s stepmom are very close friends – it’s TRUE! *still very true* :)

8. I own my first house as of December 2003. I love it. Sometimes it’s overbearing and scary, but I like the idea of owning a house. *ouch...financially stressful times came and went and i no longer own a home* :(

9. We have 2 outdoor cats – Dakota and Marley and 2 beta fish – Mary Kate and Ashley (yes, that was my daughter’s doing) *moving forced me to leave my two kitties at the folks...Marley is still there, but Dakota ran away - poor baby andddddd the fishies kicked the bucket and are now floating in the toilet water abyss somewhere*

10. I am currently single and for the most part enjoy living life on my own terms and no one else's, but I do yearn for that companionship of a life partner. I hope that someday I will find someone to share my life with. Although life with me and my daughter alone is precious to me. * happily taken - after a few trials on the relationship front*

11. I have been diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and PAD (Panic Attack Disorder). Anxiety is a real disease – it’s not made up. I had my first panic attack in December of 2003 – thought I was having a heart attack and dying and was rushed to the hospital. I have been on daily anxiety medication since then. I become stronger and more willing to fight this battle as the days go on and I am on my way to being med-free from this. I have not been diagnosed medically, but I know I also suffer from mild Agoraphobia and Clausterphobia as well. If you don’t know what they are, look ‘em up. *still very true*

12. I have 3 tattoos and love them ALL! I want more. *have 5 now* :)

13. I have a nose piercing and a belly button piercing. *yep*

14. I played soccer from elementary school through high school and for a season when I was 19. I would love to start up again. *i play outdoor and indoor now and have been for 3 seasons now* :)

15. I love to watch soccer games & hockey games. Dallas Cowboy games are fun to go to as well. I have no interest in baseball, basketball or any other “mainstream” sport. I particularly despise boxing – I don’t see the “sport” in punching the shit out of your opponent.

16. I have a wide variety of music taste. However, I HATE new country and gangsta rap.

17. I smoke cigarettes when I drink. Bad habit I am trying to break. *eek - still trying to break this habit. haha*

18. I used to be a pothead….and honestly wish I could still smoke it, but with my anxiety, it’s not a good combination. But there is no doubt in my mind that I was unknowingly self medicating myself with it when I was with my anxiety issues. *whew - that was back in the day - i don't think i've touched pot in over 5 years*

19. I love hemp things : hemp necklaces, bags, bracelets, anklets….everything. I prefer it over anything else.

20. I only drink beer and wine. The only shot I will take is a “buttery nipple” due to a horrible time in my life when I was 20, I think I made my body physically allergic to hard liquor. Will not TOUCH it.

21. I have the most AMAZING friends I could ever ask for. (you know who you all are)

22. I am very open minded as far as my sexual orientation. I wouldn’t type myself as “bi”, but I am also not “straight”. I just see it this way – I have a lot of love to give. I am attracted to men and to women. I believe that you can not help who you fall in love with. I do believe that when you are with someone in a relationship, you should be devoted to only them. No funny business – it only ends in disaster. I do usually prefer men, but I will never knock the other possibilities.

23. I started watching porn when I was pregnant (used to be totally against them, but something in my hormones drastically changed when I was pregnant) and I still watch them. ;-)

24. I am not currently happy with my physical weight. I have let myself go and my weight has fluctuated so much since the panic attacks started. Another reason why I want off my meds, but I am currently working on this. *20 lbs down and 20 more to go!* :)

25. I have nightmares and vivid, strange dreams almost every night.

26. I am addicted to the internet – blog sites, myspace, etc. (ha big surprise)

27. I desperately want to move to Austin, Texas. I have lived in Big D all my life and do not like it. I don’t HATE it, as it’s my “home” and I have things that are special to me here, but my heart and my soul call out to Austin as home.

28. I LOVE flip flops and have too many pair to count

29. My favorite season is Autumn. The colors appeal to me so.

30. I hate the Texas heat. (yah I know) *this will NEVER change*

31. People say I barely look 18. I still get carded for cigarettes. I hope it’s like that when The Ladybug is 25. “You don’t look old enough to have a 25 year old!” hehe I also don’t feel like I am about to turn 30. I can’t explain it. *still happens and i'm well into 31*

32. I hate fixing things or putting things together. I definitely don’t have the “handyman” or “handywoman” gift.

33. I do however, like to decorate, but I don’t like the work involved to get to that point…ie…tearing down wallpaper. I love to paint, but the wallpaper thing, I would rather have my blood drawn.

34. I do not like “girly” things. My house is very “neutral”. I love earthy colors.

35. I wear glasses. I love my glasses. I used to wear contacts, but hated them. Been thinking about getting them again just to have in certain instances that they might be more practical than having my glasses on. Yes, I am BLIND as a bat!

36. My hair was straight as a board until I was in Jr. High where it started to become curly. I fought it for years by straightening and ironing my hair. I eventually gave up and now only wear it curly. Low maintenance. ;-)

37. I am a Pescetarian. I only eat veggies, dairy and fish. Been this way for 8 years and wouldn’t consider going back. I do it for moral reasons, not health reasons. *errrrrr...i now eat chicken and turkey, but i won't ever eat red meat again*

38. I love outdoor music festivals.

39. I have never owned a pair of high heels or heels of any kind for that matter and don’t ever see myself doing so in the future. I would fall over if I ever tried to walk I know. *ha - i do now - they're not too high though. however, i do still HATE them...but unfortunately we have to be professional at work :) *

40. My left ear is smaller than my right ear and they visibly look different. Weird, I know.

41. I wear a size 9 – 9 ½ shoe *my feet are growing apparently now it's 9 1/2-10*

42. I consider myself a Liberal. I never got into politics until this last election, but have always believed in a “liberal” fashion. I love debating with my cousin on this issue because we both have such strong beliefs and similar personalities, but at opposite ends of the spectrum. *um..yah that cousin thing....we don't even SPEAK anymore*

43. I get extremely emotional when speaking politics, religion or on humanity issues. I wish I could change the world.

44. I prefer wood burning fires over gas logs. I would never dream of having an artificial Christmas tree, although I know cutting down real ones is not alongside my normal beliefs. There is something about a real Christmas tree.

45. I drive a 1999 Toyota 4-Runner, which is also against my normal environmental beliefs. Eek. Sometimes I feel guilty driving it, but I also feel safe driving it in Dallas. I would consider getting another more environmentally friendly vehicle if I lived elsewhere, but sometimes you just have to adapt to your environment! I wouldn’t feel safe in anything else right now. Since I also have a daughter, I have to put her safety ahead of my personal beliefs as well. *i know have a hyundai santa a little better*

46. I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I believe you should let your natural beauty shine!

47. My daughter thinks I am a goofball. I’m ok with that.

48. I hate watching the news, but I also feel out of touch with the world if I don’t keep up with it. So I only watch it in the mornings when I am getting ready for work. I usually turn off the tv feeling depressed with humanity.

49. I was in a horribly abusive relationship from the time I was 17 through 20. It started out only mentally, then turned physical. I thought I had healed from it, but it took my current boyfriend at the time to recognize that I wasn’t. I went to therapy for a year for it and I have since healed. It saved my life. I view relationships completely through a different lens now.

50. I have a huge heart. I would do anything for my friends and family and people that I care about.

51. I despise war. I do not believe that there is ANY reason in this world for anyone to go to war for anything – nothing at all. Sorry, but you could never change my view on that. I have believed that since I was a young teenager.

52. I am very free spirited and open minded. I am not racist, or intolerant of others’ religious beliefs, sexual preference or political views. As long as no one is doing anything to harm another person’s life, then by all means, do as you wish.

53. Some days I believe in God, others I don’t know what I believe. This is a subject that I still ponder daily and I am still very open to possibilities. I have also pondered becoming Buddhist. I took a “religion” quiz and I matched with Buddhism better than anything else. I was raised Methodist and I thank my parents gratefully as I would not be the person I am today with the morals that I have without them. I do not attend church anymore for a lot of reasons, but one being that for some reason I get very emotional at church services and tear up. Strange, I know.

54. I believe in ghosts. I have seen my grandfather’s ghost after he passed away. I was 8 and still remember it to this day like it happened yesterday. I get chills every time someone talks about them or I watch specials on tv. I love to hear about other people’s experiences with them. I do not think I could, however, visit a haunted house overnight. I really want to, but don’t think I could let myself! ;-)

55. I believe in UFO’s. I believe in life on other planets. I became an X-Files junkie and my curiosity just heightened more.

56. I despise the word government. I am intrigued by “conspiracies”. I believe there is a cure for AIDS, I believe the government released the AIDS virus. I believe our livelihood is all controlled by the government. SCARY.

57. I never learned to really cook. Honestly I don’t really enjoy it. Some things I like to make, but I have come to face the fact that I will never really like it. I will leave it to the individuals that do – more power to em! I will enjoy THEIR cooking. ;-) Man, I would have killed myself back in the 1800’s. LOL *k...i'm honestly WORKING on this one :-p *

58. I have not traveled much. I have a desire to travel Europe – especially Italy, Spain and Greece. I also want to travel more of the US and Canada.

59. I am afraid of flying in an airplane, but I am not afraid of heights. It’s the being suspended in air with nothing grounding you that scares me.

60. I am a clean freak. Except for my car. Strange how that works, my car is trashed out, but my house is always SPOTLESS!

61. I get anxious in nursing homes and hospitals. I HATE the smell of those places. Gives me the creeps to this day.

62. My grandparents on my mother’s side died before I was born and my dad’s father died when I was 8, his mother when I was 12. I wish I could have known them all. I feel like a part of me is missing from not experiencing them while they were alive.

63. I like seafood, but not crustaceans. Ick. Nothing exotic either…no octopus or anything of the sort. No sushi either. bleck.

64. I drink a ridiculous amount of water throughout the day at work. 1 liter in the morning and 1 liter after lunch. Whew.

65. I have been on birth control pills for 6 8 years.

66. I wish I could play the guitar or violin. *currently learning the acoustic guitar*

67. I took piano lessons for a few years when I was in Jr. High. I miss it. I still remember a Bach piece I can still play to this day.

68. I have had stitches in 3 parts of my body. Forehead, chin and upper left thigh. I will leave the stories out as I don’t feel like embarrassing myself at the moment.

69. I used to write poetry a lot in high school. I have a collection of my poems that I open once a year and read. I think a fire inside of me died because I can’t write anything now for the life of me.

70. I have more male friends than I do females friends. I am not a typical female – I hate shopping, I hate cooking, I have just always gotten along with guys better all my life.

71. I have slacked a lot over the years on my moral beliefs regarding environment, vegetarianism, etc. Before I had my daughter I was very active in it all, but since then, it’s hard to find the time to get involved. I would hope that I can again when she gets older. I enjoyed being a part of it.

72. I wore a size 34B bra before I had my daughter. I now wear a 36C and hate it. The less boobs, the better, if you ask me. They only get in the way.

73. I am addicted to People magazine. I am guaranteed to buy it waiting in line at the grocery store if I see it or pick it up and read it if I see it laying around somewhere.

74. I am addicted to everything HARRY POTTER!

75. I am a modern day hippie. And yes, I shave my legs and my pits. Every day in fact…if I don’t, I feel irritated. My hair is so course that I can’t stand it touching or rubbing up against things. I shower every day also. I do love my patchwork clothes and hippie things though! And yes, I LOVE patchouli, but not used to cover up odors. Yuck. My favorite incense is Nag Champa. Aaaah.

76. I love to dance and have opened up about it more as I get older. I used to be so shy, but now-a-days…who cares! Dance to your heart’s content!

77. I have recently over the past year or so learned to play dominoes and I am addicted. I love darts, horseshoes and bocce ball too. most recently acquired skills. ;-)

78. In my younger years, I fell in love fast or what I thought was love. And I also fell OUT of love just as fast. I want to experience that true, real "love". **and i have finally found it...i am madly in love with a wonderful man**

79. I usually feel like one of the guys. Nothing shocks me anymore. I am definitely not “lady like”.

80. I am a cheeseball and usually like anything campy or cheesy. I also like cheese ALOT - yes, the kind that you eat.

81. My favorite movies are black and white. The acting and actors/actresses from that era were one in a million.

82. I love nostalgia. I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era.

83. I have a very small family, compared to most.

84. I had been to an insane amount of funerals by the time I was in Jr. High. Death is a strange thing to me, but doesn’t phase me as it does most people. Although, I have not had a close friend or my parents pass away yet. I’m sure I will not handle it well at all. I dread the day.

85. I am a procrastinator.

86. I hate being late to things. Although with the pattern I have been in lately, I will probably be late to my own funeral.

87. I am afraid of dying, especially now that I have a child to look after. But there is no doubt in my mind that between everyone in her life that cares about her that she will not have the best life possible. But the fear of missing out on my child’s life scares me to death.

88. I love taking pictures – there is something about capturing a moment in time that amazes me. I am very sentimental. VERY.

89. I think that Lance Armstrong is a wonderful athlete and person to look up to for anyone, especially kids. 'bout time. I truly admire him. *hmm...yah...ok...i guess is till do, but haven't thought that much about it in a long time*

90. I got arrested once. A year after I graduated. In front of my old high school. At time school lets out. I had an unpaid speeding ticket. I spent 7 hours in Lou Sterrett jail. Never want to experience that again.

91. I absolutely love brussel sprouts. Hate mushrooms and bean sprouts. Yes, I know I am not a typical vegetarian. Mushrooms taste like dirt. Honest. They do. Bleck.

92. I love chatting on instant messenger and I have all 3. AIM, Yahoo & MSN. Doh! *i don't use any messengers anymore - except msn only on occasion, but it's rare*

93. You will never catch me at the zoo or at Sea World. I am a strong believer in how you treat animals that are supposed to be in the wild. Or animals in general at all. I did a paper or dolphins in captivity when I was in high school and I have believed this way ever since.

94. My grandmother was an alcoholic and smoked like a chimney. My grandfather was married 6 times – twice to my grandmother.

95. My mom and I are now closer than we have ever been. We despised each other when I was in high school and even a bit out of that point. It’s slowly gotten better. I would say we are ALMOST friends. I still don’t tell her everything. ;-) But having the relationship I have with my mom has taught me about the kind of mother I want to be with The Ladybug. I want her to be able to tell me everything and I want us to eventually be the best of friends when she is all grown up.

96. I am a daddy’s girl and still am. My dad is my hero. There is no one else in the world like him.

97. I don’t eat breakfast. If I do, I eat something very small. I don’t like eating when I first wake up.

98. I listen to music really loud when I am in the car by myself. :-)

99. My eyes change color on a daily basis. They are hazel, but shift from different shades of greens and browns daily.

100. I love watching fireworks on 4th of July. No matter how old I get. And driving around looking at Christmas lights at that. There is something simply wonderful about both of them.

101. I have a whole other “adopted” family that lives across the ocean. My oldest friend of 16 18 years and her family are my extended family. I don’t know what I would do without them.


Oceanshaman said...

That was well worth the read. My kind of girl. Keep being you . . .

Now I gotta get into that work thing . . .

Namaste . . .

bluegreen dragonfly said...

I see lots of commonality :-)

tasha said...

I love "100+ things" about people .. helps me learn so much more about them. Do you still live in the Dallas area??? If you do you should join us for Girl's night out sometimes!! ;)