Thursday, August 30, 2007

Map of Bones

i started this book several months ago...even before i started HP:7. of course i put it down to read HP, but now have picked it back up. for some reason it's been an excrutiatingly slow read. perhaps i just wasn't in the mood. i'm a huge sucker for books such as these...dan brown's novels, etc....especially now - my brain is so intrigued by historical events in the biblical sense. i hardly know anything at all, but the more i read about, the more i want to research.

i just realized i have no point to this post, so please excuse my randomness. i have since gotten back into the book and i am FINALLY at a point that it's really getting suspenseful and to the point that i can hardly put it down now. i am assuming i will be finishing it by the end of the long weekend and choosing from my stack of books that i haven't yet delved into for something new.

The Davish One asked me the other night if i had read the alchemist yet. i have not, but it has been crossing my mind several times over the past couple of months...and kind of ironic that he brought it up the other night. i might need to make a trip to half price books this weekend to see if i can find it. i love bookstores too. there's nothing like getting lost in them.

by the way, if any of you readers out there have any suggestions of any books along these lines, i am always open to them. i love recommendations!


Historical Wit said...

Hmmm, might I be so bold as to add to your reading load? If your into great historical fiction, pick up Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I know I know, that Ken Follett, but it is worth it. A great story, kind of long, but good about building cathedrals in the middle ages. And in Oct of this year the sequel is supposed to come out, about time, he wrote PotE like 15 or 20 years ago.

Butterfly said...

thanks - i will see if i can find that as well while i'm out. :)

bluegreen dragonfly said...

I used to live by the big half priced books on NW Hwy...I miss that place!