Monday, May 19, 2008

Insert Clever Title Here

my boss is back this week so i was able to tell her about last week and she is not at all happy with how things went down while she was on vacation, so things are already better and my stress level is now back to normal. i can breathe again. last week was incredibly rough for me up here that it was effecting everything - my sleep patterns, how i was treating people and having panic attacks in the middle of the night. i completely reverted into my own personal hell last week. it was terrible and i'm glad it's over with.

i took the weekend to recoup and had a great time with the ladybug and got some good soccer in as well.

there is still one thing that is completely irritating me to the point of wanting to scream at this person and confront them. (and you have to push me VERY VERY far in order for that to ever happen). i have now had to make my myspace private which i am extremely upset about because i do have friends out there that do not have myspace accounts, but are able to see mine because i've always kept it open. i asked this stalker of mine, whom i will now name, STACI to please refrain from lurking around on my blog and my myspace twice now. i've done it in the nicest way possible. i made a post about a week back that i had since deleted after i knew she had read it, but alas, i still find her IP address on my sitemeter. after i saw this AGAIN, i went ahead and sent her an email directly asking her as nicely as i possibly could to stop visiting my sites and to stay out of my life. after doing so, her IP address is still showing up. more so on my myspace than this blog now. apparently she doesn't realize that i have figured out her home IP address and it shows up as verizon in plano, texas - along with her work IP address. i might not be completely in tune with in depth computer workings, but i am also pretty versatile and can figure things out on my own.

i do not understand the mind of people like this when someone asks you nicely to stop doing something and you just are so obsessed with having to delve into this person's life that isn't even part of your own. it's very sad. she needs to work on her own life and her children other than obsessing on things that are none of her business in the first place.

hopefully this is the last time i'm going to have to mention this. if it doesn't stop now, i will have to create another blog where she will be unable to find it and continue to keep my myspace private, which i do not wish to do, because i'm not that private of a person.

anyway....sorry for the bitch session, but this is my last resort.

i sure hope you all had a lovely weekend and i hope this week brings you joy.

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