Monday, May 05, 2008

Living In The Moment

the ladybug and i had a delightful weekend together. we spent some of the day on saturday with k and then josi had a tres de mayo festival at her place saturday evening. the ladybug and i got out on saturday and took some fun photos together (one of my favorites i have posted to the left).

i really don't have much to say today other than i appear to be in a strange place in my life. and i don't really mean strange...i just mean my thoughts and feelings are "strange". i have always been a big believer in "living in the moment" and not dwelling too much on things in the past or in the future for that matter. well guess what...i'm actually DOING IT.

i can not say i have ever been in a position in my life where i was living in the moment as much as i am now. and it feels good. i've let go of unnecessary worries...unnecessary thoughts. i didn't know it was possible until now. i'm letting relationships in my life develop with ease and not putting any sort of expectation on them as i have done in the past. friendship wise or intimately. it feels good to feel so freely and not hold onto those weighty feelings.

so here's to living in the moment. *cheers*


Dandelion seeds said...


Kyle said...

Saturday was a joy. Thank you to you both.

Can't believe you didn't comment on the sugar high for the midget. :)

love ya

Michelle said...

Cheers to living in the NOW. I am right there with ya. ;)

Oceanshaman said...

Good shit the moment is . . .