Wednesday, November 05, 2008


before i actually try and get any work done today, i wanted to try and get out some of what i feel. i am so emotional right now, i can hardly contain myself. i am full of happiness...and of HOPE. hope for our future. hope for a change. FINALLY.

i honestly can't believe it! although i held hope, i was still skeptical...i wasn't sure if it was enough. as the months have gone by, i have been glued to everything i could get my eyes on or my ears on. i really started believing we had a chance. that belief became a reality last night.

my friends (hehehe), history is made. history is in the making. and we are here to witness this bout of greatness! it's going to be a long long road, but we are FINALLY moving in the right direction. most of this change will come gradually and there are no immediate fixes, but it's going to happen. it's beautiful. i can feel it.

the acceptance speech was inspiring and emotional for me - i cried - heavily...i got goosebumps...and i smiled. widely.

i do also have to say that i was very impressed with mccain's concession speech. i have grown to despise this man. but after hearing what he had to say last night, i felt some compassion for him. maybe there is some good in him after all. palin was almost in tears.

i think we are finally going to be coming together as a country again. as americans. to gain the respect back from the rest of the world that we have lost over the last 8 years.

as my friend crack monkey said :

"dear america: thanks for not fucking up this time."


so now i say "WELCOME MR. PRESIDENT!"


Crushed said...

A great day for America.

And the world.

Peter Carroll said...

And how do you feel now?