Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Recap

the wake and funeral were very nice. had some family drama friday evening at the wake, but we managed to get through it. the funeral was beautiful. the patriot guard attended the services. it was utterly amazing. i am still speechless. it was a cloudy, cold day. as soon as we got out to the gravesite for the short service there, the sun came out. it made me smile.

after going through all of this, i needed a break saturday night. crack monkey and i got together for some vino and "twilight". thank goodness we have a friend that works at studio movie grill and got us in for free. what a cheesefest. i was really disappointed with how the movie turned out. hopefully the sequels will be much better. all the characters were perfect, but the actual movie itself was just. wow. however....i must say that my obsession with edward has become even more unhealthy after seeing the movie. didn't know that was possible. whew.

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