Friday, November 21, 2008


i just returned from a work related trip to nashville, tn this past week. for those of you that live in dallas or any other concrete jungle, you will appreciate what i'm about to say. those of you that actually live where nature thrives, then you will think i'm crazy, but so be it.

as soon as we landed and on our drive to the corporate office, i felt like i was in a painting. they REALLY have seasons there. (obviously here we are lacking in the season changes). vibrant crimson reds, bright yellows and was amazing. and mountains. i took 2 photos from my camera phone here:

my co-worker got several more photos and i will probably post them once she emails them to me. due to work, we didn't get out and see much, but we did take the opportunity wednesday night to go check out some of downtown nashville. we started at a place called the printer's alley. we spent most of our time down there at bourbon street blues and boogie bar...a spot where the locals like to go. i absolutely loved it. we saw a great blues guy, eric davis, perform. we stayed there a few hours and enjoyed conversations with the locals.
we then left there and headed up lower broadway. lines were long to get into the bars, but we got some good photos. hopefully i can get those posted soon.
glad to be home, but it was a nice get-away even though it was work related.

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nhcareyjr said...

it isn't crazy really, I live for my seasons. THats why I get so into the haiku. It makes me pay attention to the seasons. Yeah, I feel for you concrete jungle types down in the southern latitudes. Being on the eastern shore of md, we are close to the 38th and we get almost 4 good seasons a year. It was nice to read appreciation about it from yonder thoughts.