Friday, November 21, 2008

RIP Uncle Dick

dear uncle dick,

i miss you so much already. you were part of the sunshine in my life. you were an amazing human being filled with such compassion and so much love. i was blessed to have gotten to know you as i have grown older and to see you not just as an uncle, but as a friend. i will cherish all the time spent with you and i will remember you always. your glowing smile that was so catching. the ladybug misses you too. you were so kind to her and told her she was the prettiest girl you had ever seen whenever you saw her. i know she will remember that as she grows older and she will hold you close to her heart for the rest of her days. sadness fills me today, as it did the moment i knew you had left us. tears fall from my eyes as i type this. i can only hope that i live a life as fulfilling as yours and i can learn from your kindness and carry that with me. i know your light will shine through in me until the end of my days. thank you for being who you were. you meant more to me than you will ever know. give jeanne and donnie my love as well. i know you have been waiting to be with them. you are home now.

i love you.


a space cow-girl said...

sending love, comfort and peace.

nhcareyjr said...

my thoughts are with you. he does look like a happy man....a sign of a good life.