Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Spiderwoman? Not So Much....

so. yahhhhhhhh. like my spider bite? atleast that's what the docs think.

i've never had a serious bite like this and i gotta say it hurts like a sommummabitch.

i ended up going to an urgent care office on friday after work after showing my mother my leg when just a day before i was so blase about it thinking it was simply an ingrown hair. um. no. not that. i got a shot of strong antibiotic along with another prescribed antibiotic. yuk. sometimes i think antibiotics are the devil.

so i went through the weekend in major pain with the bite not getting too much better. i made an appt with my general practitioner to see her on monday morning. she proceeded to tell me that sometimes our bodies build up immunities to "new" antibiotics so they have to go back to the "old" ones. she has now got me on an "old" antibiotic mixed with a "new" antibiotic. dear lord. i feel like crap. i hate the way antibiotics make me feel. however, my bite is getting smaller and doesn't hurt as bad.

good times.


Grace said...

Ouch! That looks like it hurts!

Hey, good luck on quitting the smoking! :) I smoked like you did (re: frequency/quantity) and I went cold turkey too! YOU CAN DO IT!

Crushed said...

We don't really get big spiders here...

Last time I tried giving up smoking, I lasted a day.
I smoke 20 a day, it's too late for me to consider stopping.

Liara Covert said...

Ultimately, you made it through the experience. That means you are a resilient survivor with a good story.