Monday, February 09, 2009

Psycho Ramblings From The Overworked And Underpaid : Volume 2

ha. i had to dig deeply to even find the first installment of this. we still have regular chat conversations that i know are worthy of a post, but the fact is i've been so frackin busy, i barely have time to breathe. but today's made me laugh, so i thought i would share.

ivycurlz: so um "ES" said Bath and Body works is having a clearance sale, and they have some of those mini lotions for a dollar
so i want to go at lunch
do you want to go?
butterfly: surely
ivycurlz: wurd to your
butterfly: i think i even have a gift cert
ivycurlz: mama
your not allowed to buy anything
sorry :(
butterfly: i keel you
ivycurlz:i keel you first
butterfly:the only way i could would be to use the gift cert
ivycurlz: well dont take it with you
so you cant buy anything
ivycurlz: i'll just give it to you so you can misplace it
hahahahaha wheeeeeeeee (side note: ivycurlz is notorious for misplacing her debit card)
i made myself laugh with that one
ivycurlz: muwawhahahaah
you just cant take it
you can use umm maybe sometime after the 26th
butterfly: i will take it and YOU WILL LIKE IT
don't make me come over there
butterfly: hello my name is inigo montoya. you killed my father.
ivycurlz: and you will like it
butterfly: prepare to die

*insert jibber jabber not worth posting*
(after bailing on going because i have too much work to do, i give her my $15 gift card to use to get whatever)

butterfly: mmmm that smells good
get a bunch of them seriously!
and we can give some to k* and ladybug
don't you DARE bring me back that card or i will shove it up your ass.
ivycurlz: thats hot
butterfly: i knew you'd like that
ivycurlz: i do
im all hot and bothered
butterfly: you are disturbed
ivycurlz: i know
i love you too


Brandi said...

chunky turds??? nice. LOL

Butterfly said...

pretty gross. yah. hehe