Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Burning In The Pits of HELL

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ok so i know the title is a little abrasive, but seriously folks. this is beyond ridiculous. i think we should take this as a sign.

this summer in our great state of texas is out of control! and by out of control, i mean OUT OF CONTROL.

being the nature loving, hippie gal that i am, i try to make the best of things...but this is excruciating. it's too hot to even go to the pool! the pool water is so warm it's like you are taking a luke warm bath in 150 degree weather on top of that. yuk.

you know it's bad when you walk outside and you instantly can't breath and feel the fire all over your skin.

we've had some bad summers, but this one is definitely a doozy. last summer amazingly wasn't so bad, i think it only got over 100 degrees for a couple of weeks...which is nothing considering the rate we are headed in this one.

i got a giggle on a comment of a friend of mine's facebook last night asking if we had air conditioning down here in texas. holy crikey...could you imagine life without it here? not to mention all of the heat related deaths we have EVEN with air conditioning.

just the forecast for today alone from a local news station :

Noon : 99 degrees, Sunny
Detail : Heat advisory until 7pm tonight
Winds : S 10-15mph

5pm : 105 degrees, Sunny
Detail : Sunny and very hot. Heat advisory continues
Winds : S 10-15mph

uh, so not only are we burning in the pits of hell, but with NO wind on top of it. shoot me now.

so with all of this said, i am going to be going against my hippie nature this summer and continue to stay in the air conditioner so i don't #1, fry like an egg and #2, develop the worst kind of skin cancer known to man. not to mention the million dollar electricity bill.

this blows.

SOS - send some northern winds...pronto.

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Ivycurlz said...

LMFAO! Im going to DIE when I see my electric bill this month!