Tuesday, July 07, 2009


it's dangerous inside our heads at times....

butterfly : do you like my cuter booter tiger?
ivycurlz : awwww yes
thats adoreable
butterfly : i want a tiger *ivycurlz*
ivycurlz : lol
when i win the lotto i will buy you one fo sho
butterfly : sweet. i will have to have a house with a lot
of land so it can roam around
and sleep with me in bed at night. cuddles!
ivycurlz : okk ok i buy you a big house too
with lots of land
butterfly : i love yew
look at my tiger...don't you just want to squeeze him and give him
big kisses?
then he will bite our faces off
no he's too young for that.
give him another 3 months or so,
then he will bite our faces off.
ivycurlz : not till hes older
he will lick our faces
butterfly : i want him
ivycurlz : then in about 6 months
butterfly : i love hims
ivycurlz : eat our faces
butterfly : nom nom
that's what i can do,
i will raise them until they get to the age of biting my face off,
then send them off into the wild and keep them from being
ivycurlz : lol you gonna teach them to hunt
butterfly : sure! LOL
ivycurlz : hahah okdeokkkeee
here eat my arm and my leg
come catch me tiger
butterfly : i think i'm seriously going to consider this.
move to india or somewhere and start my own wild tiger rescue
raise the cubs until they start scratching my face, then
let them go off into the wild.
sounds like a plan to me
ivycurlz : omg lets go
im in
butterfly : i would love to do that with you
ivycurlz : omg that would be the most perfect job ever
butterfly : let's do it
ivycurlz : live out in the wilderness
butterfly : and cuddle with tiger cubs all day
ivycurlz : have tons of land
feed them giant bottles of milk
butterfly : maybe we could throw in a few elephants too
and giraffes
but we can specialize in the tigers
ivycurlz : eeeh
elephant poo is bigger than me
giraffes yes
butterfly : ew you are right.
let's stick with the tigers
ivycurlz : maybe some black panthers
butterfly : ooh yah
ivycurlz : they are pretty
or lionesses
butterfly : let's just do big cats in general
ivycurlz : YES
big cat india farm
then undernearth it will say "rawr"
ivycurlz : LOL i love it!!!
lets call it KITTY KLASS
Klass for K*, L* and S* and S*
butterfly : ooooh that's GOOOOOOOOOD
ivycurlz : lmfao!!
butterfly : we will have to be extra careful with the girls
to make sure they don't get their faces eaten early
ivycurlz : it was stoopid but funny
butterfly : cuz they will be all up in their faces
ivycurlz : they can wear hockey masks
butterfly : perfect
ivycurlz : doooo dooo dooot doood ooodd
pink ones
butterfly : that might scare the little kitties
ivycurlz : so they dont look scary
butterfly : lol yah
ivycurlz : weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
oh what fun
butterfly : i am ready. let's go.
i am assuming we need to capital or some loans
to get started on this venture of ours got any connections
with the mob?
ivycurlz : um well i did have uncle vinny
but hes 6 feet under now bad drug deal
butterfly : blast!
ivycurlz :we could knock over a bank here in the states
have pre-paid airline tickets
jump straight on the plane
and head to india
never get us there
butterfly : i like the way your mind works.
ivycurlz : when do you want to go eat?
butterfly : wheneva. do you have your lunchy here?
ivycurlz : yep!
found it stuffed in the back of the freezer
butterfly : let me finish posting our good idea to blogger, then i'll
be ready
ivycurlz : lmfao!!!
well maybe someone rich will read it and want to sponsor us
butterfly : you never know
ivycurlz : that would be
butterfly : "now accepting donations"
ivycurlz : kids, were moving to india
butterfly : on that note, let's eat!

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