Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome to The Twilight Zone

butterfly : ok so i had to share this
me and ivycurlz went down to get muffins in the basement down here
and the little chinese guy is like "merry christmas!" with a big smile on his face
we are like uhhhhhhhhh
and they are playing white christmas, then it went to another christmas song
ON THE RADIO STATION (no it's not a cd)
i felt like i was in the twilight zone


butterfly : then of course ivycurlz is singing at the top of her lungs
tell her merry christmas

the davish one : just did... this ought to be funny

butterfly : oh it will be. and she's UBER hyper today on top of it
the davish one : she writes " Santas comin early!'

butterfly : christmas in july maybe?
doo doo doo doo
that was very bizarre
the davish one : twilight zone time!

butterfly : if this is a sign of how my day is going to go, i don't know if i should be scared or just go with it

the davish one : Trust me, just go with it...

butterfly : will do then
this should be interesting...

the davish one : Exactly!! God knew you needed a visit from the Cosmic Jester!
(especially after yesterday!)

butterfly : you ain't lying ;)

the davish one : ivycurlz needs your help in picking out office supplies to gift to your santa singing friend downstairs...

butterfly : HAHAHAH this is hysterical
too bad we don't have any red staplers
the davish one : I KNOW! That's totaly what I was thinking...