Wednesday, July 15, 2009


for those of you that know me know that i certainly am not a shoe person. if it were up to me i would be wearing flip flops or barefeet 365 days out of the year. unfortunately my place of employment doesn't allow either of these, so i have to compromise. i have a couple of pairs of shoes that i wear to work. and they are comfy. and i like them well enough.

i stopped in payless shoes tonight on my way back from my shopping adventure at whole foods and i found these cuties to wear to work. i was iffy on getting them, but then once i read about how green this company is...well...i caved. :)

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Emerging From The Fire said...

Cute shoes!

Yeah, I am not much of a shoe girl either. When I ran a non-profit, I actually re-wrote the policy manual to say that employees could wear flip-flops!

The new policy was sorta for the employees, but mainly for me. ;)