Friday, April 30, 2010

The Moon and New York City

butterfly: i have a question
exactly how do you caught between the moon and new york city?
is that even possible?
crackmonkey: you bitch
butterfly: LMAO!!!!!!!
i <3 you
no but in all seriousness....for real? was he on LSD when he wrote this song?
crackmonkey: maybe he was on a plane
i've been stuck between the moon and new york city before
butterfly: ohhhhhhhhhh
that makes total sense now
thank you for the enlightenment
crackmonkey: that's what i'm here for
butterfly: i found it kind of hard to believe that christopher cross was on any mind altering drugs.
i's christopher cross
crackmonkey: thejonesey: what i wanna know is why is the owner of a broken heart so much better than an owner of a lonely heart?
butterfly: LOL!

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