Friday, April 30, 2010

More Banter

crackmonkey: i'm so mad. can't get that damn song out of my head now
butterfly: you think that's bad.... i keep getting flashes of "arthur" in my head
crackmonkey: LOL
butterfly: dudley moore
crackmonkey: ugliest leading man ever
and shortest
butterfly: indeed.


crackmonkey: how'd you like to have this for a last name: (website hidden)
butterfly: oh my god
it's your new russian name
*crackmonkey* szafranski
crackmonkey: LMAO
ms. szafranski needs her vodkas
butterfly: LOLOLOL
i wonder if the other parents will look at me funny if i bring a roadie to ladybug's game tonight
crackmonkey: SNORT
put it in a paper bag
butterfly: classy
crackmonkey: nah, just put it in a taco bell cup. i read on TFLN that the biggest size taco bell cup can fit a whole bottle of wine
butterfly: see you learn things on that site
highly educational
crackmonkey: exactly


butterfly: total
*jazz hands*
crackmonkey: ok, this is a serious question now:
why. do. you. hate. me???
butterfly: not sure if you noticed or not, but i am having fun tormenting you with songs today
atleast i haven't rick rolled you


crackmonkey: hate you
butterfly: what?
crackmonkey: you just rick rolled me by phone!
i didn't know that was possible!
butterfly: LOL! classic

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