Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Mess

butterfly: can you please find someone a little more local?
k thanks
crackmonkey: no shit
he's talking about moving to dallas :I
before we started talking, that is
butterfly: well...that's a start :) :)
crackmonkey: too soon!
too soon!
too soon!
butterfly: well not FOR you... he was going to anyway right?
if he does atleast he would be close enough so ya'll can hang and get to know each other
crackmonkey: yes. still, even talking to him feels TOO SOON!
butterfly: what's the harm in that?
well if it feels too soon then don't do it
but you are doing it...
crackmonkey: i know. ugh. i am a hot mess
butterfly: we all are
besides how can you define "too soon"?
sometimes meeting someone is the best way to get over someone else
off topic, john cusack totally tweets like he acts
horribly cute
and another thing...i don't know about this twatter business
it has managed to give me a headache...too overwhelming.
crackmonkey: oh whatever. i'll give you a tutorial. i really only use it a couple times a week, but check the ones i follow every day
butterfly: cafe brazil in deep ellum is serving apple chipotle chili as soup of the day. damnit! damn the beef! if it was turkey chili i would be all over that!
crackmonkey: YUM
i bet we could find a recipe and sub turkey
butterfly: oooooooooooooooh
gonna note that on my things to do list
good reason to make a big batch of it and have all of our non-commital friends come to dinner
we could make a drinking game out of guessing who will show
crackmonkey: yup - at my new casa!
we'll be eating chili for days
butterfly: LMAO!
we are ridiculous
crackmonkey: i know
so are they though
butterfly: good point
crackmonkey: they still act like 22 year olds
butterfly: it's like benjamin button. they are aging in reverse
crackmonkey: LOL
butterfly: well...
not true because they didn't start out old, wise and mature
crackmonkey: if they were aging into brad pitt, that'd be ok
butterfly: LOL!!!!


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