Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jeff, the God of Biscuits

go ahead and try and make ANY sense of this conversation...LOL

butterfly: so when i laid down to go to sleep last night i was laughing hysterically for some reason "do you have a flag?" came into my head and i couldn't stop laughing.
i need help
crackmonkey: i'm laughing about you laughing about "do you have a flag?"
big arms
we can't all do big arms!
butterfly: oh my god i am laughing so hard right now
we need to have a wine/eddie night soon
crackmonkey: yes please
i have bought that dvd 3 times. and each time was for someone else
butterfly: and we can have the lovers pizza guy deliver us a pizza. "oh i missa your house. and i poke badgers with spoons"
crackmonkey: jeff the god of biscuits!
butterfly: LOL
i just read this conversation and pictured someone else reading it and the deer in headlights look on their face made me laugh even harder
crackmonkey: oh totally
WTF are these chicks talking about?
they need help
butterfly: pretty sure we would get that comment 80% of the time
crackmonkey: yeah, you're right
"L" cracked me up with Fo yesterday
butterfly: the other 20% is being all serious at work and shit
i know and she was probably like "what?"
crackmonkey: i know!
butterfly: sure it was a typo to her, but to us....
crackmonkey: did she just tell me to f.o.???
butterfly: LOL
crackmonkey: unfortunately her hubby doesn't do iphone apps
i could've gotten him a jobby job
butterfly: then they would have to move back here!
crackmonkey: either denver or phoenix. :I
butterfly: oh well hell
those are both closer than wisCANson
crackmonkey: LOL
ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh
i think i ate bad sushi yesterday
butterfly: SEE!
crackmonkey: my tummy is JACKED
butterfly: sushi=bad
crackmonkey: it was from a grocery store, doof
not a smart choice
butterfly: still something sketchy about raw fish
crackmonkey: yummy
butterfly: you are yuk
crackmonkey: my tummy is yuk
butterfly: that too
crackmonkey: i totally missed a great yer momma up there
yer momma sketchy
butterfly: ha! you did!

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