Friday, October 12, 2007

If you love someone....set them free

i want to clarify to everyone that what is going on with me is not "bad"...just trying. i'm having to let go of someone that i love very much for a while for outside circumstances, but in the end, it will all work out. i know this. i trust this. it's just trying for now. it's a good time to write for myself, which i am doing and it's very theraputic. i used to keep a written journal, but i've figured out that over the years, handwriting things has become very hard on my hands. i'm so used to typing constantly and quickly that to handwrite for long periods of time makes me feel like i have arthritis.

technology blows sometimes, doesn't it?

so i'm actively looking for a p/t or seasonal job. i applied 3 places last night in hopes that atleast one of them calls me. i have to do something for a few months. i've also offered up a roommate situation with a close friend of mine, but we will see what happens with that. money is the devil. i've always said that and i will say it until the day i die.

i talked to a close friend of mine yesterday who offered me comfort and much hope, so i could actually breathe again....breathing has been a little difficult lately.

i have many ideas running around inside of me noggin. i have about $150 worth of painting supplies from the christmas before last that are sitting in a closet in my house untouched. do i want to take them out and start experimenting? i want to take some yoga classes also again...but when can i fit them in? (not to mention they cost money)...i want to learn beading (which i intend to do with ms. dandelion seed very soon)....i haven't been practicing guitar like i should be....want to get back into that. gah.

it's overwhelming all of the projects and all the "want to do"s.

one at a at a time.

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Dandelion seeds said...

I know you can do this. I know you will succeed with so much. (and of course, the jewelry making clas is free *grin*)

by the way, you should check out the challenge I left for you on my blog...just sayin ;-)